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The BTFC RDA By Augvape


Hello everyone, Pizza Dave here, delivering an RDA review. Today I will be going over the BTFC by Augvape. This device was sent to me by Augvape for review. The BTFC is the latest RDA from Augvape and is a collaboration with YouTuber the Vapn Fagan. Mark came up with a great build deck on this, that makes building super simple and might be one of the best I have seen. The name itself also spells out what you get with this. B (bottom), T (top), F (flavor), C (clouds). That’s right, this has bottom air flow, top air flow, produces flavor, and clouds. A pretty bold statement if you ask me! This RDA brings a lot to the table in the form of innovation, so let’s dive in and see if it pays off.


  • 1 Augvape BTFC RDA
  • 1 Screwdriver/Allen wrench
  • 1 Accessory bag / spare parts
  • 1 Extra clear 810 drip tip
  • Available in Black, Stainless, Rainbow, and Gunmetal.




Probably the most unique aspect to this RDA is the build deck. It is beefy as all get up but is very innovative. The air flow comes up through the deck to create the bottom air flow of the atomizer. It also features angled post holes, which all you do is drop the coils in the top, and the leads poke out the backside for easy snipping. I was a bit skeptical about this design, but it is one of the most user-friendly decks on the market. Other decks on the market (Drop, Dead Rabbit, others) claim you can just drop coils in and snip after. This issue with these is some precutting is required or the leads can bottom out on the bottom of the deck. Not with the BTFC. Feed the coil through the posts, set it where you want it, and snip the excess leads off. I found this very satisfying and fast to build on, and as a bonus, there is room for some decent sized coils on this deck as well. Wicking this puppy is somewhat critical, as the deck is high, and the bottom of the well is low. This means that wicking must be done well, or you are gonna have a bad time. I fluffed my wicks up slightly and made them just long enough to stay off the bottom of the deck a hair. I never had an issue with this when dripping or squonking, and it kept up every time.


The air flow on this RDA is unique in a way as well. It claims to have bottom and top flow, but that is a skewed way of saying it. This is primarily a bottom air flow atomizer. It is designed well and is not prone to leaking unless you just about empty a bottle into it, or squonk it until you drain your squonk bottle. That is no joke, this thing can take some serious dripping or squonking. The top air flow appears to only effect the draw and doesn’t have direct air flow to the coil. With both holes closed up top, the draw is a slightly restricted lung hit, but with the holes open, it is quite airy. Flavor has an added pop with both holes closed, but I like the air flow with one top hole open best as it just feels better to me. Like I said before, I don’t believe these top air holes make it to the coil or anything, but they effect how tight the draw is.


The BTFC has some serious claims in the name. I mean, it claims flavor AND clouds. Mark must have felt confident when coming up with this name, but maybe it was influenced by what he was experienced when he vaped this. It indeed chucks a cloud, but the flavor is also excellent. This is an excellent rda and there isn’t much more I need to say than that. The flavor is excellent, and I like the draw that it has. It is a bit more restricted than other dual coil RDAs on the market, but with some tweaks to the top air flow, I found it to have the perfect draw for me.



Augvape and Mark did their homework and hit a home run here. This is a great RDA that I struggled to find cons in. The build quality is excellent. It is machined beautifully and has the look of something that is more high end. The top cap, the branding, the subtle lines, all make for a great look that doesn’t clash with devices. It has an excellent build deck that is great for beginners or experts. The juice well is deep enough to use this as a dripper, but it also squonks great. The air flow is a bit on the tighter side with the top air flow closed, so that could be a con for some, but it has plenty of air when it is fully open. One of the only things I could come up with that is an actual con is that the grub screws are Allen instead of flat head. I just prefer flat heads as they are less prone to stripping out. Other than that, flavor is awesome, clouds are great. For the price point, I can safely say that it is definitely worth checking out. If you are on the fence about picking one up, I will give you a push. It’s a solid RDA.


  • Build quality
  • Affordable price
  • Innovative, simple build deck
  • Bottom air flow that is nearly impossible to make leak
  • Looks awesome
  • Deep juice well


  • Some may find it a hair bit restricted
  • Allen grub screws (wish they were flat)

Thank you everyone for reading my review and thank you Augvape for sending it my way for review. A quick google search and I am seeing that this rda is selling for about $30 from most sites.

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