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Capstone RDA/RSA By Vandy Vape

Hi Vaping Annex members! In this review I take a look at the Capstone RDA by Vandy Vape. The Capstone RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Arlene from


The Capstone is an RDA designed very much with squonking in mind and is a collaboration between the guys from Vape Happy and Vandy Vape. Looking at the RDA it has a unique look both from the outside and with the deck. The aim of the deck seems to be making it as easy a dual build as it can be while showing innovation in the way the juice enters the deck when squonking. Does this innovation make it a great squonking RDA? I will give my humble opinion.

In the Box


  • 1) Capstone RDA by VAPEHAPPY & Vandy Vape
  • (1) Frosted PC Comp Cap
  • (1) Frosted Sloped 810 Drip Tip
  • (1) Sloped Delrin 510 Drip Tip
  • (1) 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • (1) Standard 510 Pin
  • (1) Coil Lead Guide
  • (2) Fused Clapton Coils Ni80 ID 3.0
  • Spare Parts
  • Manual


The Capstone RDA came in sample packaging with loads of extras including a coil leg cutting guide and a PC Comp cap. I received the rainbow version – it’s also available in silver, gold and black. Sitting on top is a very nice textured, frosted wide bore 810 drip tip.  The top-cap (which is also the inner sleeve), as normal, has textured sections every 90 degrees to help with grip. The main sleeve has dual airflow slots and is patterned all over with a raised geometric design.  It’s like looking down from above at rows and rows of pyramid peaks (capstones). The stainless steel base of the Capstone has white branding and safety stamps and an inner embedded O-ring to keep any possible e-liquid escaping from the 510 connection from going outside of the 510 area and over your device. The Capstone comes with a gold plated BF pin pre-installed.

Capstone Specs and Features:

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height: 38mm
  • Breathtaking and unique design
  • Waterfall squonk action
  • Reduced build chamber
  • Domed interior AFC cap
  • Single screw spring loaded capstone deck
  • 6mm depth juice well
  • Ramp airflow system
  • Dual slotted trapezoid airflow (single / dual coil compatible)
  • Fill type: top fill or bottom feed
  • Airflow type: bottom / side dual slot (adjustable)
  • Vaping type: direct lung or loose mouth to lung
  • PC comp cap included
  • Comp cap size: 24 x 29mm
  • Drip tip size: 13.8 x 12mm
  • Colours: Matte Black, Silver, Gold, Rainbow

Disassembling and Assembling

The RDA comprises of a frosted textured 810 drip tip, inner sleeve/topcap, outer sleeve, and deck.  There is also a PC Comp cap included but I didn’t use this. I like the drip tip fitting – it’s not loose but not too tight and can be easily removed.  If you wish you can use your own 810 or 510 with supplied adaptor. The outer sleeve comes off easily enough when attached to your device and then just pushing upwards inside the sleeve pops out the inner sleeve/top-cap. The Capstone comes pre-installed with a BF pin but also provided is a gold plated 2 part adjustable standard pin.  The RDA can be reassembled very easily.

The Airflow

The inner sleeve is stepped and when turned gives various airflow options. Both sides can be fully open but if you carry on turning it gives dual slits (essentially half airflow but still covering the full length of your coils).  Carry on turning further and one side closes while the other side becomes wide open for a single coil build. I didn’t try a single build with the Capstone and in my experience dual decks I don’t find work too well with a single build (even if it gives you that option).  But with the large pyramid centre section acting as a blocker a single build might actually work quite well. The airflow is side airflow and inlets are very close to the coil.  Also the inner shape of the top cap is conical shaped to supposedly help with flavour. The Capstone centre post takes up a fair amount of room, reducing the size of the chamber which again should help with flavour.

The Deck and Build

The build deck has a central Capstone shaped section and juice wells either side.  Within the Capstone is both the negative and positive sides with an insulator separating them. The Capstone is made up of plates and is spring loaded.  The plates separate when the central screw is untightened, and I would describe it as a stacked clamp system. The very top section has a hole either side that will line up with the deck feeding holes on the squonk pin when it’s installed so the liquid flows over the top of the coils. The top surface of each slate has a textured finish which gives great grip for your coil legs making it so easy to just place both coils in position and screw back down the central screw. I didn’t need to hold the coils in position – they just stayed perfectly in place.  The Capstone must be the easiest dual build yet. It’s certainly the easiest I have come across. Included with the RDA is a coil leg cutting guide which when using allows you to cut the legs the exact length you want and both legs equal lengths.  Then simply place one leg between the top and second plate and the other leg between the second and third plate.  Do the same on the opposite side with your other coil and screw down.  Wicking is straight forward. The coil is positioned both very close to the Capstone clamp system and the outer of the deck as the Capstone takes up a lot of room so I think fitting coils with a bigger than 3.0 ID would be a struggle.

My Experience

I used the Capstone with the BF pin and do like the innovative way when squonking the juice flows from above over the coils and then down in into the well giving immediate saturation of the cotton that’s in contact with the coil (its described as both a waterfall action and cascading).  But you need to be very disciplined and keep it to just one short press of the squonk bottle, as the coils are so close to the air slots 2 or 3 presses together causes juice to flow straight out of those airflow slots.  Not because your well is full, but because the cotton around the coils are juice logged. It is a con but once you get disciplined only pressing once and get use to how often to press using it without escaping liquid becomes second nature. The other issue I came across is spitting.  Not out the drip-tip, but again straight through the air-slot.  It does decrease once your build is settled in but doesn’t completely diminish. The spitting was a real problem with the supplied coils.  When I did a second build with the coils well spaced it improved greatly as did the flavour so maybe not the best coil inclusion by Vandy Vape.  The coils are fine, just do not suit the RDA in my opinion because the spitting was very viscous.

More on the flavor:  I found with the supplied coils the flavour was no great shakes or maybe I wasn’t really concentrating on the flavour as my chest (hot here in the UK, we’re actually having a proper summer for a change) was continually being bombarded with hot spits of liquid. Using spaced coils I found the flavour greatly improved (probably helped by the reduced chamber). Sure it’s not amazing by any means but not bad at all.  In my opinion just above average for an RDA. The airflow is very airy even using the slits (half airflow) but it’s very smooth (no turbulence at all).


The main issue I found was the spitting through the air slots although this was partially resolved with the use of well spaced coils and calmed down once the build was bedded in. You also have to be disciplined when squonking else again liquid comes straight out the air slots – but I found I got to grips with that very quickly. It does have things I really like.  The look of the RDA, the innovative waterfall action, and the very easy quick dual build that can be done on the Capstone.


  • Nice aesthetically
  • Innovative
  • Waterfall squonk action
  • Loads of spares
  • Includes PC comp cap
  • Good flavour
  • Very easy dual build
  • Single coil option
  • Single screw stacked clamps deck
  • Standard RDA option
  • 510 adaptor included
  • smooth airflow


  • Spitting through air slots
  • Liquid through air slots if over zealous
  • Coils provided I didn’t feel are the best for this RDA
  • 3mm ID max – any larger coils will be difficult to avoid shorting (not much room)
  • Coils right next to airflow slots

I would once again like to thank Arlene from for supplying the Capstone RDA for the purpose of this review.

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