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Digiflavor ETNA MTL RDA

Hi Vaping Annex members! In this review I take a look at the ETNA MTL RDA from Digiflavor. 


Cars, clothes, handbags, you name it – Italian design goes hand in hand with style and in this review I’m looking at the Etna MTL RDA which from the outside looks a very stylish RDA. Designed in Italy by Giuseppe Pappalardo and Salvatore Agrosì in collaboration with Digiflavour, the Etna MTL RDA (like most RDA’s in recent times) looks at how to come up with a unique airflow concept that gives both the best flavour and preferred draw for the vaper. Does the Etna just give us aesthetic style or does it match that style with performance? Let’s take a look!

In the Box


  • 1 ETNA RDA Atomizer
  • 1 Drip Tip
  • 2 Feather cotton
  • 2 Airflow modules (3* 0.8mm)&(1*1.2mm)
  • 1 Removable lip protector
  • 1 Allen key
  • 1 Hex Wrench
  • 1 User Manual
  • 6 coils
  • 1 BF squonk pin
  • Spare parts


The Etna MTL RDA came in sample packaging and when opened I was met by a narrow and quite tall (in comparison to it’s width) RDA which is very classy and stylish in look. There are very few features but the features there are stand out for good aesthetically pleasing reasons. I received the stainless steel version (listed as Silver), it’s also available in gold, gunmetal, blue, rainbow and black.  All versions come with matching frosted top section, drip tip and beauty ring all in a colour that suits the colour of the RDA received. On the front of the Etna we have a little etched logo.  On the opposite side we have the air inlet duct with hexagonal profile.  The duct has a gold (I assume it’s gold on all versions) hollow hex screw which really does add something aesthetically. The top of the Etna between the stainless steel sleeve and the drip tip is stepped to meet the frosted drip-tip.  This top section is also frosted and is removable as it’s a lip protector.  The supplied beauty ring, which when used, helps aesthetically when used on bigger devices is also frosted. The base of the Etna has etched branding and safety stamps.  The installed gold plated 510 is a BF pin (a standard gold plated pin is included). The machining on the RDA is excellent, it’s very high build quality.

Etna MTL RDA Specs and Features:

  • Size: 22mm(D) x 35.5mm
  • Coil: Single Coil
  • Best for tobacco juice and nic salts
  • 3 changeable modules for various airflow
  • Standard 510 pin and BF squonk pin attached
  • 22mm diameter for easy single coil building
  • Top cap with locking system
  • Unscrewable hexagonal profile for module installation
  • Thread: 510
  • Colours: Gold, Gunmetal, Blue, Silver, Rainbow, Black

The Goodies

I don’t normally have a section covering what comes with the product I’m reviewing, but what Digiflavor has included is a big pro and worth mentioning. Of course you recieve the Etna which comes with installed squonk pin, installed block with 2 0.8mm airflow holes, and frosted 510 drip tip. You also receive 2 more airflow blocks, spare drip tip, very good quality allen key to undo and tighten the air duct screw, T-piece tool, standard 510 pin and spare duct screw, grub screws and o-rings. As well as the items mentioned the Etna package also includes 6 coils (4 spaced MTL micro coils and 2 fused claptons) and 2 feather cotton pieces. The cotton you receive is the shoelace style and is bound both ends. The cotton is long so once fed through cutting the cotton halfway is plenty so you get enough cotton for 4 builds.

The Airflow

On the outer sleeve we have a 5mm hole that lines up with a hole the same size on the outside wall of the deck. Where the hole on the deck enters the deck the other side on the inner side of the wall we have two little rails.  You also receive 3 airflow blocks which have a cutout groove each side to slot into place down the rails. Once the chosen block is in place there is a gold hollow hex grub screw that you screw into the 5mm outside hole which fastens the block securely. The air goes in through the outside hole, down the centre of the grub screw, and comes out the end of the grub screw into the block.  The screw, when fastened tight, does not hit the back wall of the block so the air can freely enter the block. The top of the block has your air outlet hole or holes (depending which block you use). The airflow hole or holes in the top of the block are lined up directly underneath where your coil will be positioned and which block to use for the build you do will be down to personal preference, through trial and error. The Etna comes with the block with dual 0.8 airflow holes installed.  You also get a block with triple 0.8mm airflow holes and a block with a single 1.2mm airflow hole. There are 4 other blocks that can be purchased altogether as a separate purchase – they are a block with dual 1mm airflow holes, a block with triple 1mm airflow holes, a block with a single 1.5mm airflow hole and finally a block with a single 1.8 airflow hole. I’m not a big fan of including 3 blocks but to complete the full range of options an extra purchase is needed.  Please Digiflavor – even if the price needs slightly increasing, include all 7 blocks.

Both the Biggest Pro and the Biggest Con

How the airflow is done on the Etna of course means to alter it you need to take your build out to change the block which people with little patience will find a big put off and con. For those with the patience for a bit of trial and error they will soon figure out which block is best suited for the build they are doing to give them just the right air and flavour combination they want. So once the build is done with the selected block they will enjoy fixed airflow just how they want it, a big pro!

The Deck and Build

The posts have a vertical slot which has threads so your screws tighten from above and against the threads on the sides of the slots, this gives you 2 ways of fitting your coil legs. You can part loosen your screws as normal and feed your coils through the post holes or you can remove the screws and simply slide your legs in from above. The second way is as easy as it gets but while your screws are removed you have to be careful not to lose them so personally i just used the first way which is easy enough in fact it’s a straight forward easy build and wick, simply positioning your coil over the airflow outlet or outlets in the block. The deck section is very tall due to the Etna having a very deep juice well and room being made available for the airflow system. The outside wall of the deck is double o-ringed with one o-ring below the airflow duct and the other above, this height of the deck section and the RDA’s 18mm diameter makes the chamber very small and inside the top has a domed shape. When the sleeve is fitted over the deck it locks into position so the 5mm hole on the sleeve lines up with the 5mm hole on the deck

My Experience using the Etna

The Etna is a MTL flavour beast, my favourite MTL RDA before using the Etna was the Vapefly Galaxies and although it’s close for flavour the Etna edges it in my opinion. I tried two of the supplied blocks and the block with a single 1.8mm airflow hole as i also received the 4 extra blocks. The other 2 blocks i used were the pre-installed block with dual 0.8mm airflow holes and the single 1.2mm airflow hole block. I used one of the supplied spaced coils that came out bang on 1.2ohm, i needed to remove the build when i changed block but reused the coil each time with fresh wicking. With the block with the largest airflow hole i enjoyed both MTL and even a DL vape at 24 watts, the tighter blocks are strictly MTL and i enjoyed at between 14 to 17w. I used the Etna with the pre-installed BF pin not just because it came pre-installed and because i prefer to use RDA’s with a BF pin but also looking at the deck it really does look like it was designed to be best suited for squonking and i wasn’t wrong it performs excellently as a squonking RDA. Yes flavour can be subjective to a degree but i really can’t see how anyone can not get very good flavour from the Etna, where style met performance.


  • Great build quality (superb machining)
  • Stylish looking
  • Unique looking aesthetically
  • Great flavour can be achieved
  • multiple airflow options
  • Get fixed airflow just how you like it
  • Shines as a BF RDA
  • Easy Build
  • Deep juice well
  • Suffered no leaking when squonking
  • 6 coils and cotton included
  • Plenty of other extras
  • Airflow Blocks
  • Matching frosted beauty ring, lip protector and drip tip


  • Need to change block to alter airflow (which also means removing your build)
  • People with big fingers might find fitting blocks fiddly
  • Only 3 of the 7 available blocks included.

I would once again like to thank Carrie from Geekvape (and Digiflavor) for supplying the Etna MTL RDA for the purpose of this review.

If you would like to purchase the Digiflavor Etna MTL RDA for yourself, please click the button below

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