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The Profile RDA By Wotofo

Hello everyone and welcome to Pizza Dave’s Vape Reviews! Today I have a review brought to you by the folks over at Wotofo.  The Profile RDA is the latest RDA from Wotofo and is a collaboration with Mr. Just Right. The Profile is a mesh RDA, which can also be built with a standard coil like many other mesh rebuildables on the market.


  • 1 Profile RDA
  • 1 6mm cotton strip
  • 1 Colored 810 drip tip
  • 1 Frosted 810 drip tip
  • 1 Coil tool for mesh or 3mm coils
  • 2 Clapton coils
  • 2 Pieces of pre-cut mesh
  • 1 Spare parts bag
  • 1 User manual

The Profile RDA is something I had not heard much about as it hasn’t been hyped nearly as much as the Recurve mod and RDA from Wotofo. This is a collaboration with Mr. Just Right, which I recently learned that he is a vape reviewer that is gaining a decent following on social media and YouTube. I don’t know how much of this was his creation, but what they developed incorporates a bit of innovation. The Profile RDA (named this for tasting the best flavor profile) is primarily a single mesh coil RDA that uses a dual clamp post design to center the mesh right over the middle of the RDA. To help make this a better experience, Wotofo includes and is now selling pre-cut mesh just for this, which makes installation a breeze. This isn’t regular mesh woven mesh but is a Kanthal material with a honeycomb pattern. One of the biggest innovations in this RDA is that it has a spring-loaded ceramic piece situated right under the coil which aids in pushing the cotton right up to the coil. Let’s dive down into the deck, how to build on this rda, and give my final thoughts down at the bottom.


Like I said above, the build deck is a dual clamp style system. It is raised up off the bottom, and has shallow slots for the mesh to sit right in. Wotofo includes a coil tool which is designed to make the perfect arc in the mesh. Unfortunately, this coil tool doesn’t fit between the posts, but is a huge help in getting the initial shape of the mesh. Once it is formed, insert one side in, tighten down, and then move on to the other side. Boom…done…. Ready to wick. It was one of the quickest builds I have put in, and the mesh heats up even right out of the gate with no fiddling or stroking like one may have to do with advanced coil builds.

The deck isn’t limited to just mesh coils. There are cut outs in the bottom which allow you to install a single standard coil as well. Precutting is required but can easily be measured up by holding the coil next to the deck and snipping the bottom. It is a simple deck to build on with either mesh or standard coils. The clamps seem a bit wonky for a standard coil, but they work just fine and are beefy. I was worried that a coil could tweak this type of clamp and result in poor mesh contact later, but I went back and forth between mesh and standard coils and it held up great every time.


If you have ever vaped mesh rebuildables before, then you know that cotton needs to be in solid, firm contact with the mesh throughout, or hot spots will develop across the coil. The spring-loaded ceramic section comes into play here and helps to keep constant contact without having to really jam cotton into the mesh coil. Another perk to this ceramic piece is it is also a squonking channel, pushing liquid right up into the cotton and out to the juice well. It assures that the wicking is always juiced up from the inside and out. I was able to squonk this very hard, and essentially drown the coil in liquid, which is then sucked down when the squonk bottle is released. I used the included cotton they provided, as it had the perfect width for this, but I also found that native wicks worked well with this application also. I twisted up my cotton and pushed down against the spring-loaded portion while inserting the cotton. Once it was where I wanted it, I released the spring tension and it was held in place perfectly. There isn’t a ton of room for wicking outside the coil, so I strongly suggest fluffing the wicks and then cutting them at an angle from the base of the rda, towards the coil. The combination of the spring-loaded section, and the wicking action it provides makes this by far the best experiences I have had with a mesh rda.

Wicking this with a single standard coil is nothing new. Insert into the coil, fluff a little, and tuck down into the juice well. The build ends up being higher, and there is not coil painting action like seen with the mesh, but it still squonks well.


The air flow of the Profile RDA is a typical side air flow, which has 19 small holes which shut off as you turn the top part of the cap. Since these holes are not linear, it allows for fine adjustments without shutting off several holes entirely at one time. I thought with holes being partially open it would whistle or have a lot of turbulence, but that is not the case. With a mesh coil, I ran it with the air flow wide open, and with a standard coil I choked it down just a bit. One of the cons to the air flow is that the top cap is keyed to lock into place, so when you close off the air, it is no longer going to hit the center of the coil. With higher wattage and the air flow wide open this isn’t an issue, but for those who like reduced air flow, it will be a con as it is bound to reduce flavor.



I really had no idea that this RDA was coming out and haven’t had a ton of experience with mesh rdas, other than dabbling with a VV mesh and Digiflavor Mesh Pro before it. I felt both of those were ok, but I hated having to shove so much cotton inside to get it to wick properly. With the small tweaks to the deck, the spring-loaded ceramic, and the squonking action, Wotofo made a formidable mesh RDA here. The included .18-ohm mesh ramps up very fast and operates well in the 40-50w range. I found that it ramped up almost too fast when paired with the Recurve squonk mod and a fresh battery (in a perfect world that’s 98 watts) so I had this parked on top of my Rage squonker most of the time. The one thing to keep in mind is that there is a TON of cotton in there, so it needs a fresh squonk every few hits depending on the wattage you are at. If you don’t remember this, you will be living in dry hit city and won’t forget after that.

The flavor that I get off the mesh is one of the best I have ever tasted in an RDA. I don’t know if it is the short cap, or the fact that it spits just a tiny bit of liquid up in the vapor, but it really does bring out flavors in the liquid and impressed me incredibly. At one point I installed a 3.5mm fused Clapton with 7 wraps running at 70 watts, and it was hitting almost as good as the mesh. I assumed the chamber was a bit too large for a single standard coil, but I was wrong. The top cap is ungodly thick, so the inside diameter is closer to a 22mm than a 24. It performs a bit better with mesh, and it should since that is the primary design, but it also works for those who don’t want to fiddle with mesh at all.

Would I recommend this RDA to you? Well….it is a bit of a loaded question. Mesh isn’t for everyone, but I feel this would be a great RDA for someone who wants to try it. The spring-loaded squonking section is excellent, and the deck is easy to build on. The included mesh is hard to dial in for mechanical squonkers as it hits super hard and can result in dry hits if not careful. This is easily avoided with other types of mesh with higher resistance, but the pre-cut Wotofo mesh is just so dang easy to work with and performs very well when the wattage is dialed in correctly. So yeah…a bit of a loaded question, but I think it is versatile enough to be both a good mesh RDA, and a good single coil RDA. The flavor really is excellent, and it feels like it is built very solid.


  • Top notch flavor
  • Innovative build deck
  • Great squonking action
  • Easy to build (especially with the precut mesh)
  • Low price point
  • Great styling
  • Feels solidly build


  • Air flow is locked into place
  • Single coil operation is not quite as good as mesh
  • Mesh has a slight learning curve to it and the included mesh ramps up almost too fast for mechanical squonkers or even the Recurve mod.

Thank you everyone and thank you to Wotofo for sending the Profile RDA my way for review. The Profile RDA is just hitting the market, and is not on many sites yet, but it is going for the $25-35 range.

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