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Clone Vs. Authentic: The Layercake By District F5VE

So, while I was waiting (and waiting, and waiting,…) for District F5VE to ship out my Layercake RDA, I decided I might as well get a clone from for comparison for whenever it would eventually get here.  Well, now that they’re both here I figured I might as well do a head-to-head comparison and share it with you guys..  So this won’t really be a review of the Layercake (a.k.a. CSMNT v2), just a comparison.  Oh, you may be wondering, why is the Nilla Cake in the pic?  Because I absolutely LOVE that shit!  I plan on using it in every single one of my reviews.  If you wanna try it (and I highly suggest you do), you can get some if you CLICK HERE.

So, here’s a pic of the boxes that each one comes in:

Here are the two side-by-side.  Oh yeah – for ALL the photos, the authentic will always be on the left and the clone on the right.  Except for the pic of the 2 RDAs on the Chronicle mods – I screwed up.  They’re vice versa.

Here’s what’s in the box.  The authentic comes with extra beauty rings, the clone doesn’t.

Initially, I couldn’t find the guts in the authentic Layercake box.  I was like, “How the #%*&!$% did I lose that already???”.  But they’re actually stuffed into their own little pocket underneath the foam insert.  Upside down.  Where nobody would normally look.

The 510 pin pics.  The authentic comes with the squonk pin pre-installed.  The clone has the standard 510 pin pre-installed (but includes a squonk pin)

A few pics of the build deck

Underneath the ceramic – I mean ceramisteel – piece.  Gotcha!

Airflow – the clone is just a tad bit airier than the authentic.  Yeah, I didn’t have the drip tip on the clone screwed in all the way when I took this pic.  Sue me.

Drip tips (screwed in)

Inside the caps

So for the comparison, I decided on using a couple of stainless steel fused Clapton coils from in each RDA.  These are SS316L, 2x 28 gauge cores, with 40 gauge binding.  3.0mm inside diameter, and 6/7 wraps.  These will pull about 22 amps off of a fully charged battery (I’m using the Sherlock Hohms 20700’s) and are around 0.20Ω for the dual coil installation.

So like I said earlier, I’m trying these RDAs out on the Chronicle mech mod.  The Chronicle uses a hybrid connection, which in this case actually refers to a “direct to battery” connection.  You should ONLY use hybrid connection mechs with atties that have a well protruding 510 pin.  NEVER EVER use a hybrid mod with a subohm tank.  The 510 pin on the tank may look like it’s protruding enough, but can easily be forced up inside the 510 housing when the tank is connected to the battery.  Don’t be a daredevil and try it – I don’t wanna read about you in the paper or see your story on the news.  Unless it’s because you won the lottery – in which case, did I tell you how awesome you look today?

Like I said earlier, I lost my mind and the clone is on the left in this pic of them on the Chronicle mods, and the authentic is on the right.

So, now that the pics are out of the way, what do I think of the 2 RDAs?  Well, they’re close.  But the clone is definitely not a 1:1 likeness.  The fit and finish on the authentic is more refined.  As I wrote earlier, the airflow on the clone is just a bit more airy than the authentic.  Also, the authentic’s deck is just a bit wider than the clone’s is, so the caps are not interchangeable.  For the drip tips, I can’t seem to tell much of a difference at all.

So for the final comparison – which one tastes better, and which one gives better clouds??  Although they are really close, I’d have to say the authentic Layercake has the better flavor.  Because of the added airflow, I’d have to say the Layercake clone is the the better choice for clouds.

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