ULTRONER Mini Stick 18350 Semi-Mech MOD

Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i take a look at the Mini Stick 18350 Semi-Mech MOD by Ultroner. The ULTRONER Mini Stick 18350 Semi-Mech MOD was supplied for the purpose of this review by Violette from Vapeciga.

Mini Stick


Ultroner are known for their affordable stabwood devices and long standing partnership with Asmodus and have just released a few products independently one of which is the Mini Stick. The Mini Stick will also be available in kit form with included RDA but here i look at the mod only which has a Mosfet PCB giving the device safety features and also means firing from a side button rather than a mechanical switch. The device is quite adorable but it comes with no manual or safety information which just isn't good enough. The tiny device uses a single 18350 battery and can accommodate an atty up to 24mm without overhang, it also comes with a decorative 24mm ring with a protruding loop to accommodate the rather nice included lanyard if that's your thing, let's give it a look!


In The Box


1 x ULTRONER Mini Stick Battery
1 x Silicone Block to fit under positive contact
1 x Certificate
1 x Lanyard
1 x Decorative 24mm Ring to fit Lanyard


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Mini Stick comes in cardboard packaging with a tiny viewing window which allows the tiny Mini Stick to be on full show. The Mini Stick comes in either Stainless Steel or Black colour with a choice of 4 different Stabwood sleeves which are Black Red, Blue, Green and Black Yellow, the listed colour/colours refers to the dominant colour/colours but due to the nature of stabwood every device is unique. I have included a comparison picture to show how small the device is which just get's swallowed up in the hand making it an ideal out and about stealth device. The device is made of Stainless Steel and as mentioned has a stabwood outer sleeve. Top and bottom we have matching textured design which looks good aesthetically but also practical as both the top and bottom of the device unscrews and this design helps with grip. Moving to the base we have 2 large venting holes and centre section that turns to adjust the tightness of the battery fitting, on this central section we have printed branding and safety marks. Up top we have central 510 threading with the mosfet positive connection.

Mini Stick gets dwarfed by the tiny Geekvape Flint


Mini Stick Specs and Features:

Size: 24 x 70mm
Coil Range: 0.45-3ohm
Material: SS/Stabilized Wood

Main Features (taken from Vapeciga website):

• Stabilized wood, with the natural grain and super hardness, stand you out of the crowd when holding the ULTRONER e-cigarette in hand
• Over-temperature protection. When the mod reaches over 85-degree, it will shut off automatically
• Time protection. When the mod is firing for over 10s, it will shut off automatically
• Over-temperature protection and negative polarity, ensure a safe and smooth performing
• Powered by a 18350 battery ( not included )
• Unique style, an ideal choice for personal use and collection, a symbol of status and taste

Colour/Design options: Stainless steel or Black with a choice of four Stabwood colours: Black Red, Blue, Green, Black Yellow (Note all stabwood finishes are unique)


Not Good Enough Ultroner

I will start by getting my rant out the way as anything negative i have to say about the device nearly always come down to the same thing which is lack of clarity, specs and absolutely no safety information or manual. Going to the Ultroner website only gave me the detail that the Mosfet only allows the device to fire down to 0.45ohm (too low for my liking with an 18350 battery, i will be going for not much lower than 0.6 and above). This lack of information opens the door for all kind of specs and claims by vendors who are going to give assumed specs which means going from vendor site to vendor site different information is given and can't all be correct.
The package includes a small silicone block which needs fitting underneath the positive connector on the Mosfet to stop the connector just fattening out (the silicone block allows it to spring back up), but no information is given about what the block is for and how to fit it and the big question, why did Ultroner not just fit it instead of just throwing it in the box?
Luckily Vapeciga do fully explain what the block is for and how to fit it so a big thumbs up to them but really it should be explained by Ultroner, also with this being an 18350 mechanical device (takes the power straight from the battery) their really should be some battery guide as some 18350 batteries just won't be up to the job! As i found the Vapeciga the most useful for information about the device i have listed the main features of the Mosfet from their website but because of the lack of information from Ultroner and different information on different vendor sites i will need to have the following Disclaimer:


The specs and features listed are not from the manufacturer as very little information is given and are taken from the best source i found. I can't 100% say that all information is accurate and accept no responsibility for the acquired information.


The Mini Stick's Various Parts

The Mini Stick consists of the top section which houses central 510 threading and unscrews from the main battery tube, looking inside this top section we can see a Mosfet fitted and looking down the 510 thread we can see the positive contact, on the side of this section we have an Ultem fire button. The bottom also unscrews to allow the fitting of the battery, this section has 2 large venting holes and a central section which turns to slacken off or tighten onto your fitted battery. The main tube like both the top and bottom sections is Stainless Steel, this has an outer Stabwood sleeve that slides over. You also receive a 24mm decorative ring with protruding loop to allow the fitting of the supplied lanyard if you wish.


The Mosfet and Fitting The Silicone Block

The Mini Stick has a Mosfet PCB inside the top section of the device and a fire button on the side. The positive connector has no way of springing back upwards when atty's with longer threads are fitted which then would cause connection issues when then attaching atty's with shorter threads. Included with the Mini Stick is a small silicone block to solve the problem but i only found out what it was for from reading all the information on the Vapeciga website as Ultroner give no information and no manual of any kind is included with the device, i still just don't understand why the purchaser of the item needs to fit this as surely that should of been down to Ultroner. It takes a fair bit of hard tapping the top of the top section and a bit of gentle poking to eventually get the Mosfet to come out but that's a pro as i wouldn't want it coming out without a bit of effort. The fire button will also drop out so make sue you do it on a surface so you don't let the fire button fall on the floor with the possibility of losing it. Fitting the silicone block is straightforward, it has some double sided tape on one side and you simply place it underneath the positive connector and press down to secure, job done! Place the fire button back in place and then slot the Mosfet back into position.


Review Continued Below:
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Mar 19, 2019
Review Continued:

Fitting The Battery

I used an EXO 18350S battery which is rebranded by many companies and can be found under the following:

Vapcell 18350/1100mAh/10A
Aspire 18350/1200mAh/10A

The battery cap just unscrews from the bottom of the tube and i must say the threading is very good. On the inside of the battery cap negative is clearly marked (Black on Silver) so good job their. Once the battery cap is screwed back in place you can turn the centre section of the cap to slacken or tighten on to the battery for the perfect fit, Good job all round!


Using The Mini Stick

Despite my misgivings about the lack of information i really enjoyed using the Mini Stick and will carry on using it when i'm in a MTL mood as an out and about device. The button is nice and clicky and it fires both instantly and reliably with immediate ramp up. I used a few different atty's on top with builds that varied between 0.58 to 0.76 and found for me it worked best with RTA's that allow for a very restricted low wattage DL vape or MTL set-up. Again lack of information and specs means i have gone with the information given by Vapeciga on what safety features the Mosfet gives but Ultroner not giving that information is a massive con, one vendor even as this listed as firing down to 0.3ohm (which thankfully it doesn't and no idea why they give this information as firing down to 0.45ohm is the only actual information Ultroner give) show's worryingly how little a lot of theses vendors actually know about what they are selling as 0.3ohm with a 18350 would be extremely unsafe. The build quality and look of the device is top-notch and all threading is very well done, i also like the adjustable battery cap that allows to get a secure fit of the battery. The cut-off must be quite low as i got really good battery life and found i recharged due to drop off before the cut-off took effect (again no information to what the cut-off actually is).



I actually rate this device highly from the point of view of how i am enjoying it and my cons apart from one is down to the almost no information given on Ultroner's site and lack of manual. My only other con is having to fit the silicone block, this should already be in place. A lot of experienced vapers who like a stealthy low wattage set-up might be tempted by this gorgeous looking tiny device but as far as new vapers are concerned stay well clear as you need a good understanding of ohms law and battery safety.



Good build quality
All threading very good
Stabwood finish looks gorgeous
Every finish unique
Good stealth device
Great for very restricted DL or MTL set-up
Clicky Fire button
Fires instantly
Fires reliably
Impressive ramp up
Mosfet (safety features just a ? what exactly the full specs are)
Battery life very good for 18350
Can adjust tightness of battery fitting


Have to fit Silicone Block yourself
No manual
No specs of Mosfet giving by Ultroner
Only suitable for experienced vapers
Direct output, power decreases as battery voltage gets less

I would once again like to thank Violette from Vapeciga for supplying the ULTRONER Mini Stick 18350 Semi-Mech MOD for the purpose of this review.

Mini Stick

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