Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit

Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i take a look at the Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit from Smoant. The Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Pearl from Cigabuy.


Smoant have built a good reputation through delivering some really top-notch products and here we have their latest pod/AIO device (and yes another Orion look a like) The Pasito. The Pasito has a number of mouth watering features that include 5 constant wattage settings, 5-step battery status feedback, adjustable airflow, replaceable coils (including an RBA option), top-fill and large battery capacity. the Pasito is constructed using aircraft aluminium making it the lightest of the Orion style systems that have been released, so let's give it a good look!


In The Box


1 x Smoant Pasito MOD
1 x Smoant Pasito Cartridge
1 x DTL-Mesh 0.6ohm
1 x MTL-Ni80 1.4ohm
1 x Type-C Charge Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Pasito comes in a very nice cardboard presentation box and on opening it's looks does have a bit of a wow factor, it's a looker. I received the Carbon Black version which relates to the frame and all versions come with colourful panels both front and back. The versions available are Classical Red, Bronze Blue, Carbon Black and Gun-metal, the colourful panels are different on each version but not unique to each device as they are not Resin. Not being Resin is not a con in my opinion as unlike some manufacturers who are marketing devices with resin effect stickers as Resin Smoant are proudly stating the panels use CPR technology which allows for high gloss, brightly coloured designs while not attracting fingerprints and are also water resistant. One side has one complete panel while the other side has the panel split in two with the upper smaller section housing the 5 LED lights. The pod cradles in the top and is darkly tinted with a Resin colourful drip tip sleeve, the drip tip has a colourful design that is in keeping with the panels on the device. The Pasito's light weight makes it feel less substantial than the other available devices with a similar form factor but build quality is good with my only complaint being the fire button. The fire button is an odd one, it looks ok and works well in operation but it spins so when tapping it gives a hollow cheap rattle yet when shaking the device their is no movement at all, the other odd thing is the power adjustable button is identical just smaller but this doesn't spin and is much better. The spine of the device is featureless while the face has the mentioned fire button which is round and Silver positioned centrally, lower down we have the smaller round, Silver power adjustment button followed by the type C USB port. On the base we have printed safety marks and good venting, the form factor and being light makes it a nice ergonomic out and about device.


Pasito Specs and Features:

Szie: 38 x 18 x 102mm
Battery Capacity: Built-in 1100mAh
Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
5-level VV: 10W/13W/16W/20W/25W
Battery Material: Aircraft Aluminum
Pod Material: Food-grade PCTG
Pod Capacity: 3ml/2ml
Coil Resistance: DTL-Mesh 0.6ohm(20-25W)/MTL-Ni80 1.4ohm(10-13W)/RBA Coil(Single coil)
Charge: Type-C 5V/1A
Conversion Rate: 95%
Multi-functional pod system starter kit
DL/MTL/RBA coils to satisfy all your vaping needs
Adjustable top airflow channel & top filling
Innovative 5-level adjustable voltages with VV button
Ant constant-output chip
Innovative CPR technology with colourful and durable stunning finish
Intelligent LED light
Magnet connection for easy installation
Faster Type-C charging
Colourful resin drip tip
Colour/Design: Classical Red, Bronze Blue, Carbon Black, Gun-metal


The Pod/Tank

The Pod or tank is the usual type of shape for these Orion lookalike type devices, it is also darkly tinted which while looking nice is a con and i really wish all pods/tanks of this type were clear. The tank holds 3ml of e-liquid (2ml TPD version) and has a top-fill system which i will cover later. On top of the tank we have a Resin proprietary drip tip that fits over the top cap like a sleeve, although you can't fit your own the drip tip both looks nice and is comfortable. Also to the side on the top of the pod we have a sliding mechanism to adjust airflow which is yet another big pro as so few pod/AIO devices of this kind has any type of adjustable airflow. Looking at the base of the pod we have a magnet strip to one outer edge and to the other side we have a large square magnet. The opposite side of the base to the square magnet we have a square negative plate with central positive contact, this square plate pulls out of the pod/tank and the coil is screwed into the underside.


Fitting The Pod

The pod/tank slides into position (we have side rails on the device) and is secured via magnets. Looking inside the pod/tanks bay we can see a raised square metal section to line up with the square magnet on the bottom of the pod, we can also see a magnet strip to one side to also line up with the identical one on the pod. To the opposite side of the bay to the raised square we can see the Gold plated, spring loaded contacts, everything looks very neat. The pod/tank fits perfectly so not too tight that it's difficult to remove but going nowhere on it's own accord, cracking job!


The Coils and RBA

Their are two different coil heads available for the Pasito (you receive both in the kit) and an RBA coil head which is a separate purchase and somewhat disappointing it isn't included but just the fact it's available will be a big pro for many. The coils are an 0.6ohm mesh coil which is recommended for DL and a 1.4ohm Ni80 coil which is recommended for MTL.


The RBA doesn't come in the kit which is a con for me so i can only cover it from pictures i can find but can't obviously give any information later in the review about it's performance.
The first thing to say is having an RBA option is a massive pro, but is for an advanced vaper already use to building as rebuildable coil heads are quite fiddly and looking at the pictures this does look a little bitch (yet probably very rewarding once done). This is going to only take tiny coils and the screw heads are also very tiny so decent eyesight and a steady hand required. From looking at the pictures of the deck it looks like the biggest pain is the leads need to be bent back on themselves to feed through the terminals but those use to building will tackle it no drama's, wicking does look quite straight forward and i will be purchasing one to give it a go.
The deck does also come with a 510 adaptor so you can build the head on a regular device to pulse your coil and check your ohms and that there is no short circuit issue.


Fitting The Coils

As mentioned earlier the negative square plate with central positive contact on the base of the pod simply pulls out (it is secured and sealed by o-rings) and the coil or RBA head gets screwed into this the same way you would screw a coil into the base of a regular tank. Once the coil is in place just push the base plate with attached coil back into position.


Review Continued Below:
Mar 19, 2019
Review Continued:

The Airflow and Filling

The airflow can be adjusted on top of the pod/tank so very accessible, the air goes down a channel then feeds underneath the coil so it works very much like a top to bottom RTA airflow system making it leak resistant.
The Pasito has a top fill system, the drip-tip is a sleeve that fits over the top section of the top-cap, turning the metallic lower section of the top-cap unscrews it from the pod/tank and you fill around the outside of the top of the coil head. I found it best to fill using a needle nose and although doable it can be slightly messy with larger nozzles. Although the pod/tank is darkly tinted in most lighting seeing your juice level isn't a problem and personally i had no issues.


Using The Pasito Device

The Pasito is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off, the LED's light up for 2 seconds to confirm either action. The Pasito is an advanced pod/AIO device yet has been made to be very simple to use, the LED's are used to indicate both the power level you are on and battery status so let's go through it. The Pasito has 5 different constant wattage settings which can be cycled through by clicking the power adjustment button, with each click another LED lights up and at any time you can click the button just once to check the setting, the levels are as below:

1 LED = 10W
2 LED = 13W
3 LED = 16W
4 LED = 20W
5 LED = 25W

Having 5 different power levels is a really big pro as most devices with different power setting have just the three. Another big pro of the Pasito is the battery status feedback as this also makes use of all 5 LED's giving 5 stages rather than the usual 3. The battery status is indicated by how many of the LED's light up when the fire button is pressed and works as below:

1 LED = 0%-20%
2 LED = 21%-40%
3 LED = 41%-60%
4 LED = 61%-80%
5 LED = 81%-100%

Of course the Pasito also has all the usual safety protections which if they kick in are indicated by various flashes of the LED.


My Experience Using The Pasito

Pro, Pro, Pro, i am loving this device and i don't even have the RBA to have a play with yet. Like anything though it's not perfect, if using larger nozzles to fill it can be a bit messy, the fire button has an annoying cheap rattle when tapping it because it rotates freely and i feel the 1.4ohm coil could allow for tighter airflow but other than that it's pros all the way! Having 5 stages of battery indication perfectly spaced out allowed me to know my battery status at all times and the 5 different power levels give great versatility. Having so many different wattage settings will become even more useful when having different builds in the RBA head as with each of the supplied coils i found a setting i liked and stuck with it. The 1.4ohm coil i used with the airflow right down and started at 13W and although this coil gives a very definite MTL vape i felt it just wasn't tight enough and upped the setting to 16W which suited the airflow far better and gave very good if not great flavour. The 0.6ohm mesh coil was more my bag and i used this on the top setting of 25W with the airflow fully open, this gave a cracking restricted lung vape and i found the flavour up their with the likes of the EQ. I found early on that i much preferred the 0.6ohm coil and then stuck with this coil to get some idea of longevity but i have completely lost count how many times i have refilled the pod/tank and it's still giving excellent flavour so longevity isn't an issue. I only used my own DIY juice which is 65%VG which i know the flavour inside out and i had no wicking issues with either coil. The device has 95% efficiency and along with the 1100mAh battery gives great battery life, i don't like to state this will last you all day as everyone vapes different amounts but it is what most would find an all day device and when it does need charging it takes just over an hour, happy days! The only other con i have is that the pod is tinted although in most lighting seeing the juice level wasn't a problem.



Nicely made device
Ergonomic and portable
CPR Colourful Panels
4 Colour/Design options
Replaceable coils
Restrictive DL and MTL coil head included
RBA Coil Head available
5 constant wattage settings
5 stage battery indication
Device can be turned off
Very easy to use
Adjustable airflow
3ml Capacity (Standard version)
Pod fits very well
1.4ohm coil good flavour (longevity not tested)
0.6ohm coil excellent flavour (relative to this type of device)
0,6ohm coil good longevity
95% efficiency
1100mAh battery
Good battery life
Charges in about an hour
Type C USB


Fire button freely spins
Using larger nozzles can be a bit messy when filling
Feel 1.4ohm coil could give a tighter draw (subjective)
Tinted Pod/Tank (although can clearly see juice level in most lighting)
RBA not included
Proprietary drip tip

I would once again like to thank Pearl from Cigabuy for supplying the Smoant Pasito Rebuildable Pod Kit for the purpose of this review.

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