Sigelei Chronus Shikra Kit

Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i take a look at the Chronus Shikra Kit from Sigelei. The Sigelei Chronus Shikra Kit was supplied for the purpose of this review by Jolly from Buyecigkits.


The Chronus Shikra is Sigelei's higher end version of the Chronus having a brushed Stainless Steel body rather than Aluminium Alloy. Their is also a Gem version which has artificial Gems on the screens frame to add a bit of bling but in my opinion ruins the look but then that's subjective. the Shikra version also has TFR and a few minor operating differences to the standard Chronus version but for the most part is the same device.
The device has a very easy to use interface and a joystick control that has been implemented well and newer retail versions also come with new firmware that includes a child protective passcode lock.
In this kit it comes paired with the Shikra Tank that uses the same coils as the Sobra and with the spare 510 connector fitted will also accommodate Moonshot coils, so let's give the Chronus Shikra Kit a good look!


In The Box


1 x Sigelei Chronus Mod
1 x Sigelei Shikra Sub-Ohm Tank (5.5ml / 2ml TPD)
1 x MS-H SUS316L 0.2ohm Coil Atomizer Head (Pre-installed)
1 x MS SUS316L 0.25ohm Coil Atomizer Head
1 x Replacement Glass (3.5ml)
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Set of Spare Parts
1 x Warranty Card
2 x Manual
1 x Passcode information


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Tank and Mod come in separate plain cardboard boxes which then has an outer cardboard sleeve to complete the packaging. The device has a brushed Stainless Steel body then top, base, fire button and screen and joystick frames that are Zinc Alloy and the metallic colour of choice. I received the Blue Stainless version and all versions come with a matching Shikra Tank with nice looking Resin 510 drip tip. The colour options are Gold Stainless, Rainbow Stainless, Blue Stainless, Pink Stainless, Gunmetal Stainless, Crimson and Black Stainless, for some reason the Crimson colour has an Aluminium body unlike all other versions which are made from Stainless Steel.
The device feels a substantial weight in the hand but quite slender giving the impression it's a tall device when it's actually about average height, it also has tapered edging and feels very comfortable in the hand and a natural finger firer although also not awkward to fire with the thumb if that's what you prefer.
The face of the device has the round screen with metallic frame towards the top then further down also with a metallic frame a Gold coloured joystick, at the bottom of the face is the micro USB port followed by "SIGELEI" printed which looks out of place on this classy looking device. The reverse has a Blue logo and "SHIKRA" printed which is positioned quite central and in my opinion looks quite good. Both sides of the device are featureless apart on one side at the top we have a slightly protruding textured metallic fire button which has no rattle or sidewards movement but can be spun. The base is the battery hatch door which has both venting and printed safety marks, moving up top we have a centrally positioned air fed 510 plate which is raised ever so slightly to protect the finish but doesn't give visible gaping, the 510 is gold plated and spring loaded with a decent amount of travel. The device is very well made and both looks and feels high quality.


Chronus Shikra 200W TC Box Mod Features:

Dimensions - 88.2mm by 44mm by 31mm
Material: Zinc Alloy + Stainless Steel (Red version Aluminium Alloy)
Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries - Not Included
Wattage Output Range: 10-200W
Voltage Output Range: 1.0-7.52V
Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohm
Temperature Range: 100°-300°C / 200°-570°F
Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Compatibility
Temperature Control TFR Mode
0.001s Instantaneous Firing Speed
Round 1.3" TFT Display Screen
Customizable User Interface
Intuitive Firing Button
5-Direction Plated Joystick
4-Digit PIN Lock
High Wattage Protection
Low Wattage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
High Temperature Protection
Battery Reverse Protection
Centred 510 Connection

Weight without batteries = 154g
Weight with installed batteries = 249g

Shikra 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

24mm Diameter
5.5ml Capacity
Compatible with Sigelei Moonshot 120 Glass Tank
Superior Stainless Steel Construction
Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
Threaded Top Fill System
Sigelei MS Coil Family
0.2ohm MS-H Coil - rated for 60-120W (pre-installed)
0.25ohm MS Coil - rated for 40-80W (included)
0.2ohm MS-M Mesh Coil - rated for 40-80W (not included)
Compatible with Other Branded Coils w/ Extra Pin
Lightly Knurled Bottom Airflow Control Ring
510 Widebore Resin Drip Tip

Colour Options: Gold Stainless, Rainbow Stainless, Blue Stainless, Pink Stainless, Gunmetal Stainless, Crimson, Black Stainless


Shikra Sub-ohm Tank Overview

The Shikra is a nice looking tank and comes pre-installed with a 5.5ml bubble glass and also included is a 3.5ml straight spare glass, their are a few glass tubes compatible which are pictured below but no 2ml yet their is both an EU and TPD version of the kit so i can only assume a capacity reducing bung will be fitted. Up top we have a nice looking Resin 510 that is installed on a raised platform with nut design, the top-cap where it meets the tank is quite narrow but has aggressive fine knurling which gives good grip. The top-cap unscrews and the treading is super smooth but long and it takes quite a few turns to release it. We then have a metal plate with a very generous sized fill port which will accommodate any nozzle size while sill leaving room for air to escape. The base section is quite deep and has dual quite small cyclops, we have a pre-installed 0.2ohm Stainless Steel coil which is rated between 60-120w and as i have used both coils before with the Sobra i changed for the 0.25 Stainless Steel coil rated between 40-80w which i prefer. Their is also a 0.2ohm mesh coil available but not included which is also recommended between 40-80w. This is not the first Sigelei tank i have used where i have found the pre-installed coil done up so tight i needed to use pliers to loosen it (why do they need to fasten them that tight?) the coil gets screwed into the base and then screws into the chamber and air pipe section which is attached to the juice port plate. The glass is both sealed and secured top and bottom with o-rings, you also receive a different 510 pin which when you install it allows the tank to use Moonshot coils.


Fitting the Batteries

The batteries are fitted by the common style bottom hatch door which you pull outwards and then up, i had no issues with the door which is sturdy and seems durable and fastens very securely. The device only accommodates dual 18650 batteries (would be much better if you could also use 21700) and orientation is marked on the door Gold on Black so is clearly visible, good job!


The Display

The display is quite sparse and classy looking, certainly the opposite of cluttered yet the information you really need is on show. The UI that is used when you receive the device has a circular speedo type design with pointer that moves when you increase or decrease wattage or temperature depending which mode you are in. At the top we have a single battery status bar although in the next section i will cover how you can get feedback of both individual batteries, underneath this is the resistance. To the right of the display in a little circle we have the pre-heat you are using and then at the bottom of the display we have the wattage or temperature followed by the mode you are using. Their are 2 UI's and the other one is very similar with the main difference's being having the wattage/temperature positioned centrally in larger font and also the time is displayed digitally at the bottom. The screen is full colour yet colour is used very sparingly giving the display throughout including in the menu system a classy look.


Review Continued Below:
Mar 19, 2019
Review Continued:

Navigating The Chronus Shikra

The Passcode Screen

The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and 5 clicks to turn off and when you first turn the device on you will be greeted with the passcode screen which is preset at 8888 which you set using the joystick. The passcode screen once you have entered the correct combination appears when you remove and then reinstall batteries but not when you turn the device on and off, however every time you lock the device before being able to unlock it the passcode needs re-entering. I personally rarely lock devices but for those that do some may find having to keep entering the passcode a pain if so i do know there is firmware for the device which doesn't include the passcode feature so i still feel the passcode feature is a pro for security and child protection reasons. Resetting the passcode is done by pressing both the fire button and joystick down together, it will now ask you to set a new passcode.

The Clock

When the device is turned off we have a rather nice analogue clock face which stays on the screen for 10 seconds, while off pressing the fire button or joystick causes the clock face to re-appear on the display for a further 10 seconds which is handy if you want to know the time although some will find it a con that you are stuck with this feature as their are no settings to adjust how long it appears or anyway of disabling it.

The Menu System

The joystick has been very well implemented and the device is really easy to use and find your way around. While on the main screen a short press to the right with the joystick brings up your screen brightness so you can adjust, if instead you give the joystick a short press to the left it brings up battery bars for both batteries and displays the remaining voltage. A long press to the left is a short cut to your preheats while a long press to the right allows you to set the resistance.
Giving the joystick a long press brings up the menu which consists of mode, set and exit, exit obviously takes you back to the main screen, navigating the menu is all done by moving the joystick and pressing it to select. Choosing mode gives you the options of Power, TCR, TFR, SS, Ti and Ni200, when choosing SS it gives you a further choice of SS304, SS316 or SS317 it also asks you when you select a temp control wire whether you want the temperature unit to be centigrade or Fahrenheit. When on the main screen using temp control a long press to the left allows you to set a wattage pre-heat and duration for temp control and a long press to the right allows you to lock the resistance. When choosing Power it brings up the pre-heats which can also be accessed using the already explained shortcut from the main screen, we have the choice of Hard, Normal, Soft or User but user (unfortunately in my opinion) isn't the usual custom curve but actually allows you to set a wattage boost and duration. Going back to the opening screen of the menu if you choose Set rather than mode it gives you the options, GUI (allows you to choose between 2 different user interfaces), Vape time (this allows you to set a maximum puff time between 10-20 seconds), the final option is Clock (set the time).
The only other feature is pressing the fire button 3 times locks the device and a little Red padlock appears on the screen. When you have the passcode software installed the device can't now be used again until the passcode has been entered, it then goes back to normal operation. If you don't have the passcode software installed when locking the device the joystick is locked but the device will still fire, 3 further clicks of the fire button unlocks the device.


My Experience Using The Chronus Shikra

The first thing i need to say is i do not vape using temp control and don't have access to data so review products as i experience them. I don't know but i would imagine the device will be about 20W short of the claimed 200w if going by previous dual 18650 Sigelei devices is anything to go by and would of much preferred this to accommodate 21700's to get much closer, possibly even achieve the full 200 watts. This kit was released late last year so it has been out a while so i am also aware despite having a lot of temp control features it's not the best in temp control so only really a device for power users. The device fires quick enough but did find ramp up was not the quickest from cold but when having a few vapes it only seemed to be the initial vape and then it vaped like a charm. The device seemed accurate on all the wattage's i vaped at which were between 20-100w and it was reliable giving no misfires. I used the supplied tank but as i have used the coils before and finding it performed the same as the Sobra tank i mainly used the device with a few different RTA's. The Shikra tank is decent enough with good capacity and gives a smooth vape, while not giving top-notch flavour it is comfortably acceptable with both coils although after using these coils a few times in the past the longevity doesn't match mesh coils and i wish the available mesh option had of been included.
The Chronus Shikra being a power only vaper i do like a lot, it feels and looks high quality and just gave a good reliable vape, the fire button has a short travel and is nice and clicky as well as being very easy to find with the textured design. I like the uncluttered display and the user interface was so easy to get around with the joystick being very well implemented. I do like the passcode feature, although i tend not to lock devices and those that do may find having to enter the passcode every time they want to unlock the device a pain. The device will accommodate 28mm atty's without any overhang whatsoever and despite the 510 plate being slightly raised i noticed no visible gaping. Although i don't recommend charging batteries in the device unless it's your only option the Chronus Shikra supports 2A balanced charging and is also fully firmware upgradeable. The only other thing worth mentioning is how slowly it scrolls when adjusting the wattage, a snail is quicker but personally feel because once wattage is set i tend to just leave it unless switching to another tank or have done a new build, so to me while being a con it's far from a deal breaker.



High build quality
Looks and feels high quality
Plenty of colour options
Nice clicky easy to find fire button
Fires quickly
Reliable (no misfires)
Tested between 20-100W all wattage's seemed accurate
Passcode feature
Temp control (not tested but see cons)
Pre-heats and boost
Joystick implemented very well
Classy looking uncluttered display
Choice of 2 user interfaces
Very easy to navigate
Nice looking analogue clock
2A balanced charging (if it's your only option)
Good job with battery hatch door
Orientation clearly marked
Firmware upgradeable
Shikra decent tank
Shikra tank 5.5ml capacity
Acceptable flavour from both supplied coils
Can use your own 510 drip tips
Other coil and glass tube options


Slow scrolling
Sluggish ramp up just on first vape from cold
Only accommodates 18650's (would prefer 21700's)
Not a good device using temp control (based on what i have heard)
Entering passcode to unlock device some people may find a pain
Would prefer full curves feature rather than just boost
No mesh coil included

I would once again like to thank Jolly from Buyecigkits for supplying the Sigelei Chronus Shikra Kit for the purpose of this review.

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