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New Classifieds Section


Staff member
Jul 23, 2018

Well, thanks to a generous donation from Shredtravolta, I've been able to add a dedicated Classifieds Section to the Vaping Annex website. This Classifieds section will replace the Buy/Sell/Trade forum posts. It has a ton of features not available in a standard forum posting, and there are new features being added to it soon. One of which will be a full fledged feedback system. For every classified ad listed, there will be an auto-generated forum thread added to the listing for discussion. This thread will be accessible from within the classified ad listing via a tab in the upper portion of the listing. I'll move the current Buy/Sell/Trade threads to the Classifieds section over the next hour or so, and then delete the B/S/T subforums, as they'll no longer be needed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask here or create a new thread for the discussion.
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