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Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i have a look at the Mutant RDA from Vandyvape. The Mutant RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ariel from Vandyvape.


The Mutant RDA is a collaboration between Vandyvape and Vaping with Twisted420 and is a 25mm in diameter short RDA made with squonking in mind but also comes with a standard pin. The Mutant features a unique deck for the easy installation of dual vertical coils, 4 different dual airflow options and a BF extension tube which allows e-liquid to enter the deck through the top and bottom of the extension then allowing the access to be sucked back from the bottom back into the bottle. I feel their is some genuine innovation on show with the Mutant RDA so well worth a good look!


In The Box


1pc Mutant RDA (BF pin installed)
2pc Allen keys
510 drip tip adaptor
Standard pin
Spare screws
Spare o-rings
1pc Warranty Card
1pc User Manual
2pcs 0.39ohm Coils



I received the Mutant RDA in sample packaging and once opened i found i had received the Stainless steel version. The Mutant is available in 4 different colours which are Matte Black, Gun-Metal, Stainless Steel and Rainbow, all versions come with a Goon fitting 810 Resin drip tip.
The Mutant is a short RDA and lower section has "MUTANT" printed in bold lettering, this lower section is the lower section of the ring that has all the different airflow options, the upper section has the outer sleeve fitted over it. The outer sleeve is indented from the lower section with the top of the sleeve having a protruding textured band for adjustment grip. We have dual rectangle cutouts positioned vertically for airflow adjustment, mine came with the airflow cutouts lined up with the 4 rows of 3 honeycomb airflow option. The top of the RDA tapers then steps to the Resin 810 tapered drip tip which in my opinion looks the part up top. The base has etched branding and safety marks, we have a Gold plated BF pin pre-installed.


Mutant RDA Specs and Features:

Material: 304 Stainless Steel + Resin
Height: 26mm
Diameter: 25mm
1.2ML E-Juice Capacity
Vertical Dual Coils Installation
Four Different Airflow Adjustable
Top E-Juice Refill And Bottom Return
Deep Juice Well
All Parts Detachable And Reassembled
810 Wide-Bore Resin Drip Tip Included
510 Thread
Colours: Matte Black, Gun-Metal, Stainless Steel, Rainbow


The Mutant's Various Parts

The Mutant RDA comprises of tapered 810 Goon fitting Resin drip tip, you also receive a 510 adaptor so you can fit your own 810 or 510 if you wish. We then have the outer sleeve with dual rectangular airflow cutouts which get lined up with which one of the 4 airflow options you prefer. We then have the inner airflow ring which has 2 sets of 4 different airflow options, this section fits over the deck where we have 2 protruding notches to lock in place, it sits on a shelve that perimeters the very bottom of the deck section and is sealed with dual o-rings.
On the outer of the airflow ring we have an o-ring both top and bottom to secure the outer sleeve allowing it to move with nice tolerance and not being too loose. We then have the deck section which comes pre-installed with BF-pin and BF extension pipe, also included is a standard pin. You also receive 2 Allen keys, spare screws and o-rings and 3 triple fused claptons with the following specs:

Material: Ni80
28ga*3 + 38ga
ID: 3.0
5 Wraps


Top Filling and Bottom Juice Return BF System

The Mutant has a BF pin that has threads that protrude above the bottom of the deck. We then have an extension pipe which gets screwed over this threading so it's raised above where the top of the coils will be positioned. This extension has openings at both the top and bottom and has a ball-bearing inserted so when you squonk some liquid enters the deck via the bottom openings while the rest lifts the ball-bearing up to the top of the pipe where the rest of the liquid comes out the top, the ball-bearing then lowers encouraging any liquid which has reentered the pipe via the bottom openings back down the 510 into your bottle.


The Airflow

The Mutant has an airflow ring that fits over the deck, on the ring we have 2 sets of 4 different airflow's and a little cutout under each one. On the deck we have 2 protruding notches so you line up which airflow set you want with the coils and the notches will interlock with 2 of the cutouts locking it in place, it also secures over dual o-rings positioned on the outside of the deck and sits on the bottom ledge.
The outer sleeve fits over the airflow ring and has dual rectangular cutouts which you line up with the airflow you are using. The sleeve does secure over a top and bottom o-ring which is on the inner airflow ring which means it isn't loose but can be turned to adjust. Because the airflow ring is fixed in position when adjusting using the sleeve it does mean it becomes offset so the coils are not getting even coverage which limits the adjustment you can make before performance is effected.

The four different airflow options are:

4 rows of 3 holes honeycomb style
6 rows of 4 holes honeycomb style
Diagonal grill 5 slots getting longer towards the centre
Horizontal grill 5 slots getting longer towards the centre


Review Continued Below:
Mar 19, 2019
Review Continued:

The Deck and Build

The Mutant has a unique deck which makes installing the coils vertically very easy. The posts are a kind of zigzag shape with a lower open post hole and a top open post hole on each post. Your leads just get lowered into the openings where we have lips to stop them popping out while tightening the hex grub screws which are side mounted. It really is a case of lowering your leads in the openings and tightening the screws which just leaves trimming the access of your leads. Trimming the leads is also straightforward as they are very accessible and the posts are slanted at an angle which really suits getting your cutters close to the wire.
For such a short RDA the coils get positioned quite high above the base of the deck so although wicking is a little bit more fiddly than with horizontal coils it's still easier than expected. Because i used the Mutant with the BF pin and juice will be coming out through the top of the extension pipe i wicked it with one piece of cotton going through both coils which also worked well in practice when squonking. Trying to explain the deck, build and wicking wasn't very easy with this deck so hopefully the pictures will make up for my poor description.


My Experience Using The Mutant RDA

I used the Mutant with the pre-installed BF pin as this RDA has obviously been designed very much with squonking in mind, i used the supplied coils and my build came out at 0.20ohm. I loved the versatility of the RDA especially when it came to airflow options although once i picked the airflow i wanted to use only slight adjustment can be made to give more restriction as when you close the airflow it becomes offset to the centre of your coils.
The different airflow's give varying restrictions and smoothness and when using both grill airflow's (the diagonal and straight) the RDA was on the airy side. I didn't take to the diagonal airflow but quite enjoyed using the other grill airflow but needed to up the wattage slightly to maintain flavour. I mainly used the RDA with the honeycomb airflow's and eventually decided i preferred the 6 rows of 4 which both gave the most restriction and was the smoothest of the 4 airflow options.
The top Filling and bottom juice return BF system worked well and i did enjoy using the RDA squonking where i could be quite zealous without getting leaking. I did find with the build fresh and taking a vape from cold the occasional spitting which with the cotton being so close to the drip tip i did get the full force of the vicious spit but the build soon settled down and spitting became old news.
The cons i found for the RDA was the limited adjustability once you have chosen the airflow option as it becomes offset, the other main con is nearly every time i pulled the sleeve off the airflow ring also removed which i imagine would be a bigger issue if using as a dripper. The drip tip i also found difficult to remove in the traditional manner and needed to push it out from the inside. I actually liked using the Mutant with the included drip tip but if you don't you can fit your own goon style 810 or 510 with the supplied adaptor.
Finally the flavour after hearing a lot about you don't get decent flavour from vertical positioned coils surprised me as it was more than acceptable in fact it was very good although i must admit i do get better from my best horizontal coil RDA's.



Nicely machined
4 Colour options
4 different airflow systems
Top filling, bottom juice return BF system
Standard pin included
Coils included with full specs
Very nice looking Resin tapered 810
Can use own 810's
510 drip tip adaptor included
Honeycomb airflow's particularly smooth
Good flavour
Unique deck
Wicking easier than expected
Very easy dual vertical coil build
Worked great with BF pin


Airflow ring quite often also comes off when removing outer sleeve (more of a problem if using as a dripper)
Adjusting airflow offsets so doesn't give even coverage
Drip tip difficult to remove without pushing from the inside
Wicking a bit fiddly but easier than expected

I would once again like to thank Ariel from Vandyvape for supplying the Mutant RDA for the purpose of this review.

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