The G.O.A.T RDA from Grimm Green and Ohmboy


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Jan 5, 2019
For what this rda is, it is a fantastic vape. Yep, it uses pre-maid round wire coils, but it doesn’t matter. This is perfect for the beginner who wants to try an rda but can’t or don’t want to build. I’ve been vaping and building for years and I love this thing.

Jan 5, 2019
Rochester, NY
Admittedly I'm a fan of Grimm and OhmboyOC, but I think this thing is brilliant.

I see it as a platform where they'll be able to offer different coil options, ie single coil, coils from well known builders, different style build decks, etc.

Look forward to seeing how this develops!

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Jan 6, 2019
I bought the rda from a UK vendor, as I could not find mainland Europe stores that had it in stock. I like Grimm's reviews and also have the Recoil Rebel, so I felt like I had to order this one as well.

My experience with it have been less than stellar. As Grimm pointed out in his video, it will flood when squonked like I normally do on my Dead Rabbit. Even when I was being careful, it has leaked on me a couple of times already.

But that is not the main gripe I have with it. The flavour is weird for me. Same juice (Supermanchee by Flavourboss), same cotton (COTNThreads) as in my Dead Rabbits and I get almost none of the sweetness, but a lot more minty flavour. I use the 22G coil on a Defiant Designs DS.

The build quality is nice and I like that the packaging is small. And it looks awesome on my DS.

I'll keep it in storage to see if the future coils will change the flavour, but for now the experience for me has been disappointing.
Jan 5, 2019
I sent a comment to Grimm Green saying how brilliant this rda was. I was suggested that they come out with a rebuildable deck for it so that after using it, a new vaper may decide that they want to try their hand at building. Rather than having to buy a new rda, this could be a good option to try it on their Goat. I really like this idea, although I won't buy one as it isn't for me.......I still want a Recoil though :)

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