Rincoe Mechman 228W TC Kit with Mesh Tank

Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i take a look at the Mechman 228W TC Kit with Mesh Tank from Rincoe. The Mechman 228W TC Kit with Mesh Tank was supplied for the purpose of this review by Nicole from Rincoe.



I have just reviewed the 2 new pod systems from Rincoe and here is the review for their latest high powered device the Mechman. The Mechman features Variable Wattage, Bypass and full TC suite but is a no bells and whistles device making it extremely easy to navigate. It's metal construction makes it a sturdy durable feeling device and has a removable battery panel and a fixed panel that comes in loads of different types and designs. In this kit it is paired with the straightforward but well made Mechman Mesh Tank which comes with two different Mesh coils and has a 4.5ml capacity. The rugged look and box shaped might not look the most ergonomic of designs but the device has a nice tactile feel in the hand and a great switch like fire button, let's give the kit a closer look.


In The Box


1x Mechman 228W mod
1x Mechman mesh tank (single mesh coil 0.25ohm)
1x Extra dual mesh coil 0.2ohm
1x Extra bubble glass tube
1x Accessory
1x Certificate card
1x User manual
1x USB Charging cable


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Mechman Kit comes in cardboard box packaging with 3 pictures of the set-up displaying the three different panel frames on the lid. I received the Black Camo Steel Wings version, the mechman comes with the fixed panel in either Silver or Black in 3 different styles, Steel Wings, Steel Bone or Steel Case. Their are 5 different designs that are underneath the frame and said to be Leather although as i can't detect a Leather smell i suspect they are just Leather effect stickers but the designs look good anyway and are, Black, Union Flag, American Flag, Camo and Wolf. The opposite side of the device has a removable battery panel that matches the colour and style of choice but has just a plain textured underneath section rather than design. The device is constructed of Zinc Alloy and is boxed shaped with plenty of edges so doesn't have an ergonomic look, but the edges are bevelled and actually it has a really nice tactile feel in the hand. On the face we have a light switch style fire bottom at the top which i really like this is followed by the screen. We then have the navigational buttons followed by the micro USB port. The Spine of the device has a texturing which gives it grip in the form of a chevron design, moving to the base we have generous venting as well as printed branding and safety stamps, either side on the base we have narrow protruding sections which act as legs when the device is standing upright making it a falling over candidate. Up top we have a raised 510 platform with Gold plated, spring loaded 510 with quite some travel. The device has a unique look to it which is good and seems to be a very well made solid device.


Mechman Mesh Tank Specs and Features:

Dimension: 28 x 36mm
Tank capacity: 4.5ml(max)
Resistance: single mesh coil: 0.25ohm; Dual mesh coil: 0.2ohm
Drip Tip: 810 drip tip
Material: Resin/Stainless steel/Quartz bubble glass
innovative Mesh coils
Easy top refill system
Thread: 510
Colour: Black


Mechman Tank Overview

The Mechman Mod comes with the Mechman Mesh tank which looks quite nice and is well made. The Mechman has top-fill, just push the top-cap where there is a little arrow head and the top slides open with a nice stiff tolerance revealing a kidney shaped fill port. When open if you look inside the drip tip you can see their is a hole in the fill port plate to allow air to escape when filling and once filled simply slide the top back into position. The drip tip is a Resin 810 with o-rings so goon style 810's will not fit but other 810's with o-rings will. The glass is a bubble glass which holds 4.5ml of e-liquid and you also get a spare, it's secured and sealed top and bottom with o-rings. The airflow is dual cyclops with stoppers which moves with a nice tolerance and the coils screw straight into the base and screw onto the air pipe which also has an o-ring for a good seal. The base has printed branding and safety stamps, the fixed 510 is Gold plated and protrudes slightly. Pre-installed is a single mesh coil which is 0.25ohm and rated between 40-60W, the other included coil is a dual mesh coil which is 0.2ohm and rated between 50-80W.


Mechman Mod Specs and Features:

Dimension: 53.8x 29.2x90mm
Material: Zinc Alloy + Leather
Power range: 1-228W
TC modes support: Ni200/Ti/ SS
Power mode(VW/BYPASS): 0.08-5.0ohm(0.3ohm recommended)
TC mode (Nickel/Titanium/Stainless/TCR): 0.05-3.5ohm(0.15ohm recommended)
Battery: Dual replaceable high rate 18650 cells (CDC≥25A, Not Included)
Replaceable panels and stickers (sold separately)
Hollow frame design in workmanship
Compact size in hand
Various colours available
Multiple protections for safe vape
Panel Frames: Steel Wings, Steel Bone, Steel Case
Designs: Full Black, Union Flag-SS, Union Flag-Black, American Flag-SS, American Flag-Black, Camo-SS, Camo-Black, Wolf-SS, Wolf-Black


Fitting The Batteries

The Rincoe accommodates dual 18650 batteries which are inserted by removing the panel that is plain. The battery compartment is neat and tidy with a battery ribbon to help with removal, orientation is Black on Black which yet again is disappointing. The panel is secured by large strong magnets top and bottom and very impressed as their is no movement of the panel whatsoever.

It's the design and type of frame of the fixed panel that differs between the different variants of the device as their are 5 different designs, 2 different colour panel frames and 3 different types of frames, these panels can be unscrewed to remove and be replaced by purchasing other designs separately to alter the look of the device.


Review Continued Below:
Mar 19, 2019
Review Continued:

The Display

The display is sharp and well laid out only giving the important information so very uncluttered and readable. The display however has a tinted cover which makes it quite dim and seeing the display outdoors is a problem. Top left we have 2 vertical battery status bars then next to these to the right we have the mode. Further down we have the wattage or temperature depending which mode you are in followed by a box that displays the time of your last vape. At the bottom of the screen we have the resistance followed by the volts which displays watts instead when in temp control.


Navigating The Device

The Mechman has Variable Wattage, Bypass and full TC suite including TCR mode yet the lack of other features and settings makes it a very simple device to use. The Mechman is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and off and both navigational buttons pressed together locks those buttons but the device will still fire. Three clicks of the fire button causes the mode to blink, you can now use the navigational buttons to change modes which are, Variable Wattage, Bypass, Ni, Ti, SS and TCR. When in Bypass the device calculates and displays the wattage output and when in TCR pressing + and fire together allows you to enter the value. When in temperature control where it displayed volts it now displays watts which can be set for temp control by pressing - and fire together then adjusting. Finally also when in temp control holding +, - and fire together locks the resistance.


My Experience Using The Mechman Kit

I don't vape using temp control or have access to data so simply review devices as i experience them. The Mechman i found does have faults yet i can't help liking the device, it feels so tactile in the hand and i just love the firing switch. The fire switch is very clicky with next to no travel and not sure how much is the response time of the chip or how much is down to the fire switch responding with such little travel but the end experience is instant firing and ramp up to match the Drag.
I will later in this section talk about it's main con but for now i will mention it's not the most stable of devices standing up and although it doesn't fall over on it's own accord the slightest knock and over it goes, also the raised platform will only accommodate up to 25mm atty's before overhang becomes an issue so not a device for those that like their big atty's.
The Mechman tank is decent although with being a small manufacturer i would much of preferred if it was mainstream coil size compatible as sourcing coils could be a problem. The single mesh coil gave cracking flavour although i found the sweet spot at 65W which is over the recommended rating, this coil gave bags of air so i needed the airflow closed down halfway for the restriction i like and also it was quite turbulent. The dual mesh coil also gave very decent flavour but not quite as good as the single mesh coil however the airflow was much smoother and had more restriction, i found this coil best at 75W which is towards the top end of it's recommendation, the Mechman tank isn't as loud as some tanks but is still on the loud side. I normally tend to find coils better towards the lower to mid ratings so with me finding the single coil best over it's rating and the dual at the higher end i did initially think Rincoe have got the ratings wrong but i later found it to be the device.
When i test kits i always try the device with other tanks and on this occasion it did show that the device is under-powered. First i tried a couple of tanks with builds i would normally vape at 30W and found for a similar vape i needed to be at 35W, i then tried the Tengu which i have been vaping at 60W and needed to set the Mechman to 70W for the same vape, the higher watts i went the bigger the differential between the Mechman and my devices that give much truer wattage. Personally because i vape at modest wattage's and don't mind simply upping the wattage to get the vape i want it's not a deal breaker but higher wattage users will find this a much bigger issue.
I also do miss not having curves (not so much pre-heats as i prefer setting a curve) and do wish it had a settings menu with more features. On the up side the device did seem quite efficient as battery life seemed slightly better than i would expect from dual 18650's and the device supports 2A charging and vape while charging although i never recommend charging batteries inside the device.



Solid well built device
No button Rattle
Unique looking
Feels nice and tactile in hand
Changeable Panel
Plenty of panel types and designs
Secure battery panel (no movement)
Nice feeling clicky switch type fire button
Fires and ramps up instantly (could be part due to barely no travel with fire button)
Seemed Good battery life
Good flavour dual mesh coil
Very good flavour Single mesh coil
Very decent included tank
Very easy device to navigate


Device Under-powered
Falls over if knocked
Overhang with atty's over 25mm in diameter
No curves, preheats or settings menu
Tinted display (difficult to see outdoors)
Single mesh coil slight turbulence
Coils not mainstream size

I would once again like to thank Nicole from Rincoe for supplying the Mechman 228W TC Kit with Mesh Tank for the purpose of this review.


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