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Pokes his head outta his hole...

Got Chef's email so I figured I tunnel over this way.:LOL: Looks like the forum software remembered me from VTT so I didn't need to upload my avi. (y)

Anyway I've been vaping for 5 years now. 100% mech 95% are mech squonks, 100% rebuildable, 100% DIY is the way I run. I don't have to worry about a mod board taking a crap or laying out the bucks for vendor coils and juice.:cool:

BTW you need more smiles Chef...:geek:
Sep 2, 2018
Hey gopher good to see ya

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Jul 23, 2018
Thanks for stopping by! Yup, definitely gonna need more smilies. Maybe even a few subsets of categorized styles.
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