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Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i take a look at a selection of flavours from the new ranges recently released by Moreish Puff. The flavours were supplied for the purpose of this review by Terry from Moreish Puff.


Moreish Puff by Cherish Vapor have many ranges of e-liquids which are very popular in the UK and throughout Europe with plans to become more global. To my knowledge their are 13 ranges bearing the Moreish Puff brand 4 of which are relatively new and are the ranges i have been sent samples from. Moreish Puff e-liquids come as short fills in 25ml, 50ml and 100ml with room in the bottles to add a nic shot/shots to have a final mg of 3 or 6mg or simply add some nicotine free base to keep as 0mg. Their e-liquids are 70VG / 30PG in ratio and have ranges to cover most flavour profiles.


The New Ranges

Moreish Puff have added 4 new ranges which are:

Moreish Puff Tobacco, which consists of the following flavours:

Honey and Cream Tobacco
Vanilla Tobacco
Original Tobacco
Cappuccino Tobacco
Butterscotch Tobacco

Moreish Puff Prosecco, which consists of the following flavours:

Pear Prosecco
Blackberry Prosecco
Apple Prosecco
Raspberry Prosecco
Elderflower Prosecco

Moreish Puff Popcorn, which consists of the following flavours:

Peanut Butter Popcorn
Salted Caramel Popcorn
Sweet Popcorn
Raspberry Popcorn

Moreish As Flawless Custard, which consists of the following flavours:

Moreish As Flawless original Custard
Moreish As Flawless Rhubarb Custard
Moreish As Flawless Apple Crumble Custard
Moreish As Flawless Blackberry Custard
Moreish As Flawless Creme Brulee
Moreish As Flawless Banana Custard
Moreish As Flawless Strawberry Banana Custard


The Flavours I Received:

I received the following flavours from the new ranges:

100ml Short Fill Blackberry Prosecco

100ml Short Fill Honey and Cream Tobacco

100ml Short Fill Butterscotch Tobacco

25ml Short Fill Blackberry Custard


Testing Equipment

I added nicotine to make all the flavours my 2mg preferred strength then added VG/PG to make the bottles up to their required volume keeping the overall VG/PG ratio as close to 70VG / 30PG as possible. Before testing the e-liquids they were left after adding nicotine and base for 1 week to steep i then tested the flavours on 2 different set-ups.

The first set-up was in the Smoant Naboo Tank on the Smoant Naboo using a mesh stock coil 0.20ohm resistance at 50W.

The second set-up was the Vapefly Horus RTA on the Sigelei Evaya using a Staged Fused Clapton 2x28 Kanthal Cores, 40 N80 Binding, 26 N80 staged heating wire, 3.0mmID, 5/6 wraps 0.30ohm resistance at 45W.

The cotton used was jellyfish.

Pictures of equipment used but not at the time of testing.


My Experience Using The Flavours

Blackberry Prosecco

The aroma is a medley of fruits with Blackberry being at the fore and only fruit i could identify. The inhale is very much like it's aroma with a mixed fruit background and very sharp Blackberry taking centre stage with quite a sharp tang. The exhale see's the Blackberry get even more dominant but also Grape emerges from the fruity background adding some sweetness to give a pleasant aftertaste. This e-liquid is very nice but not something i would go for as a rule so i was pleasantly surprised.

SCORE: 8.5/10


Honey and Cream Tobacco

The aroma this gives is one of a smoky Tobacco with a Cream background. The inhale reveals a very rich smooth flavour with Honey infused Cream blended with Tobacco rather than sitting in the background. At this stage a slight smoky taste is evident but not too much. The exhale see's the Honey infused Cream get much more of an identity while the smokiness is much more evident cutting through the Tobacco giving this e-liquid quite a smoky aftertaste. I really like this but not an all day vape for me as i found it far too rich, rather a rich Tobacco treat!

SCORE: 8/10


Butterscotch Tobacco

I like flavoured Tobacco e-liquids and Butterscotch is one of my favourite flavours so before trying this i expected it to be a winner. The aroma is one of a smooth Virginia Tobacco blend with Butterscotch also evident on smelling the open bottle. The inhale is dominated by the smooth Tobacco flavour with Butterscotch both very much in the background but also very identifiable. The exhale see's the Butterscotch become much more evident without overpowering the Tobacco and is more of a Butterscotch syrup flavour. The aftertaste see's the Tobacco and Butterscotch change rolls as the Butterscotch syrup flavour lingers long after the Tobacco subsides giving a sweet lush aftertaste. This one i could easily vape all day despite being slightly rich!

SCORE: 9/10


Blackberry Custard

The Aroma is Blackberry with Vanilla Custard in the background but very evident. This is lush, despite the Custard being in the background when smelling the open bottle the tangy authentic Blackberry when vaping doesn't dominate the Custard which is a sweet creamy Vanilla Custard that works well as an equal partner to the Blackberries, they compliment each other perfectly with the sweetness of the Custard keeping the sharpness of the Blackberries in check. The flavour stays consistent throughout the inhale, exhale and through to the aftertaste. I definitely left the best to last, this flavour is Moreish!

SCORE: 9.5/10



A small representation of Moreish Puff's new ranges, all flavours i tested where top notch with Butterscotch Tobacco and Blackberry Custard being the stand out flavours.

I would once again like to thank Terry from Moreish Puff for supplying the e-liquids from their new ranges for the purpose of this review.

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