GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit 950mAh

Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i take a look at the Frenzy Pod Kit 950mAh from Geekvape. The Frenzy Pod Kit 950mAh was supplied for the purpose of this review by Carrie from Geekvape.


Most manufacturers seem to be taking their turn to release an Orion Clone and here we have the Frenzy by Geekvape. When i say clone it really only refers to form factor as they all perform in different ways offering different vaping experiences. The features of the Frenzy that grab the attention is that the pod/cartridge allows the coils to be replaced and the kit comes both with a Kanthal mesh coil and a Stainless Steel coil, also we have adjustable airflow and when the Frenzy detects the Stainless Steel coil is installed it automatically enters a user friendly TC mode which of course includes dry burn protection. The Frenzy is quite a sophisticated bit of kit while still being very easy to use so let's give it a good look.


In The Box


1 x GeekVape Frenzy Kit (0.7ohm NS Mesh Coil pre-installed)
1 x USB Cable
1 x NS Coil (1.2ohm)
1 x User Manual


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The Frenzy came in cardboard box packaging with outer cardboard sleeve, i thought i knew what i was expecting but when taking the lid of the box was taken back by just how aesthetically appealing and good build quality the Frenzy is, Geekvape have done an outstanding job in this regard. I received the Black Onyx version but their are 4 Carbon Fiber and 4 Resin options to choose from which are Gold & Carbon Fiber, Blue & Carbon Fiber, Black & Carbon Fiber, Silver & Carbon Fiber, Blue Azure, Black Ghost, Black Onyx and Black Magma. The device has a Zinc Alloy chassis and either Carbon Fiber or Resin panels each side.
The face of the device has a slightly protruding round, Black button 40% of the way down from the top and a micro USB port at the bottom, just above the USB port we have an LED indication light. The spine is featureless while the base has safety stamps and venting. The top of the device is a open frame that houses the pod/cartridge, the cartridge is darkly tinted and slightly protruding we have the adjustable airflow wheel with texturing for grip. Up top is a Delrin non removable drip tip with much the same form factor as we have seen on the other devices that are Orion like in looks. The device is a nice pocket friendly size and comfortable to hold and while not heavy does have that "this is a solid well made device weight to it"


Frenzy Specs and Features:

Size: 86.1 x 37x 15.7mm
Capacity: 2ml
Coil Resistance: 0.7ohm-3.0ohm
Battery: Built-in 950mAh
Charging Specification: 5V 1A
Low Voltage Warning: 3.3V±0.1V
PCBA Temperature alarm: 80℃
Maximum output duration: 10s
Working temperature: -10-45℃
Stand-by current: Less than 10uA
Battery Life Indicator: Red light: 0-30%; Blue light: 31-69%; Green light: 70-100%
One of the Most Advanced Pod System
Beautifully Crafted with Zinc Alloy & Resin
Advanced AS Micro Chipset for Safe and Stable Performance
Refined NS Mesh Coil System for Maximum flavor
Automatic Output Matching Function
Battery Life Indicator
Convenient Airflow Adjustment
Bottom Refilling with Anti-leak Design
Magnetic Connection Between Battery and Pod
Colours: Gold & Carbon Fiber, Blue & Carbon Fiber, Black & Carbon Fiber, Silver & Carbon Fiber, Blue Azure, Black Ghost, Black Onyx, Black Magma


The Pod/Cartridge

The Pod or Cartridge is very darkly tinted which is one of the few cons for the kit and although seeing the juice level isn't impossible you do most of the time need a good light source and i really wish the cartridge was clear. Up top we have the Delrin drip tip with a bore more suitable for MTL vaping, another con here as i can't remove it and even if i am missing something and it does come off it is definitely proprietary.
Most of the action is on the base of the cartridge, to one side we have a protruding airflow adjustment wheel and the base of this has the positive contact surrounded with Peek then the rest of the base is magnetic and also the negative.
The other side of the base we have a silicone section that lifts up but stays attached to the cartridge, when lifted 2 tiny fill ports are revealed so one can be used to fill while air can escape from the other. The plugs on the silicone piece are long so sit deep giving a very good seal, i really like the filling method but have an issue.
The problem is although i have plenty of bottles with small nozzles that i can decant to which work great with the Frenzy's cartridge not everyone will. If the fill ports are going to be so small a lot of nozzles will not fit then in my opinion a suitable bottle should be included. The cartridge holds 2ml of e-liquid so is TPD compliant and you receive one cartridge however this isn't a con as the coils can be replaced and you receive 2 different coils.


The Coils and Changing Them

You receive 2 different coils, the pre-installed NS 0.7ohm Kanthal mesh coil and the NS 1.2ohm SS316L coil. To replace the coil is a simple operation like everything else with the Frenzy. You turn the airflow wheel anti-clockwise until it hits the stopper then with just slight effort force it to turn more and it does a further quarter of a turn then the whole airflow and coil section just pulls straight out. Out of the base we have a protruding cylinder that the coil gets screwed into with the top section of the coil remaining above the cylinder. With the coil you want in place just pop the section back into the cartridge and give it a clockwise quarter of a turn and it clicks securely in place.


Fitting The Cartridge

The Frenzy has a frame at the top of the device for the cartridge to slot into. The base of the frame has two tiers, the airflow wheel with contacts lowers into the lower tier while the rest of the cartridge sits on the upper. We can see the Gold plated, spring loaded contacts and everything looks very neat and tidy. The vertical edges of the frame protrude while the cartridges central side sections also protrude so the cartridge slots into the frame like on a rail, the combination of this rail like fitting and magnetic contact base secures the pod giving just the right balance between being very easy to remove while staying securely in place with no movement while in use, excellent job!


Review Continued Below:
Mar 19, 2019
Review Continued:

The Airflow

Any pod like device having adjustable airflow gets the big thumbs up from me as very few do. The Frenzy has bottom adjustable airflow which can be adjusted by turning the knurled airflow control wheel that has it's own little cut out section to accommodate it, it's all kind of snug and cute and i like it a lot. The airflow control is tiny dual cyclops but just how much airflow you will get will also be determined from the bore of the coils so even before using the device i can tell even with the airflow wide open the 1.2ohm coil is going to still give a MTL draw while the 0.7ohm will give a little more air.


Using The Frenzy

The Frenzy is a neat bit of kit offering versatility while being user friendly to operate. To turn the device on and off is five clicks of the button and the LED will flash 3 times in the corresponding current mode colour 3 times to confirm both actions. When the device is on the device either operates using 3 different constant output settings or 3 different temperature settings but the device itself determines whether it operates in constant voltage or TC by detecting which coil is installed.
When using the pre-installed 0.7ohm Kanthal Mesh coil the device operates using constant voltage output modes and to switch between the modes is 3 quick clicks of the button, the modes are:

White - 2.5V
Blue - 2.7V
Green - 2.9V

When the 1.2ohm SS316L coil is installed the device recognises it's a temperature controlled wire and enters TC mode. The device can be operated in the same way with 3 quick clicks of the button taking you to the next mode, the 3 TC modes are:

White - 420 degrees F
Blue - 440 degrees F
Green - 460 degrees F

The LED is also used to give battery status indication which you can check with 2 quick presses of the button, the status indications are the following:

Green - Greater than 70%
Blue - Between 30-70%
Red - Lower than 30%

The device also makes use of the LED while charging and for indicating safety protections kicking in. When charging the LED has a pulsing Red light when between 0% and 70%, it pulses Green when between 70% and 100% and once fully charged the LED stays solid lit Green. When a safety protection kicks in the LED will flash various amounts of time in the colour corresponding to the protection.



Short Circuit Protection
Low Battery Prompt
No Atomizer Prompt
High Temperature Protection
Over-vape Protection 10s


My Experience and Thoughts

I was getting a bit tired of getting sent pod systems to review, then i got two gems sent at the same time but both very different. I loved the Caliburn which is easily my favourite simple Direct output pod device and here we have more of an all singing all dancing pod device that for me beats the Orion and goes top of the class. I love the versatility of the device both with settings adjustments and airflow control although when it comes to airflow don't think this goes from super tight to super airy allowing for comfortable DL vaping because it doesn't yet most MTL draws are covered from a cigarette type pull up to a loose MTL. The 0.7ohm coil does give more air and with the airflow wide open a restricted DL vape is possible but i would still say even this coil is better with a loose MTL draw, however as i prefer a loose draw when i vape MTL this was my favourite coil.
The 1.2ohm Stainless Steel coil is much more for a MTL connoisseur and will be very suitable for a new vaper, i also found this coil worked well with Nic salts. I used 50/50 nic salts 20mg and some DIY 65VG using both and wicking was not an issue, the flavour from both coils like with the Caliburn is top notch. Longevity isn't quite as impressive as with the Caliburn coil although to be fair i found that coil to have longevity i haven't come across before with a pod system but they still last well. The 0.7ohm coil i used with 9 refills before a noticeable drop off in flavour so now i will definitely be purchasing more of them. And the 1.2ohm coil is lasting a bit longer with 10 refills and i am just detecting slight drop off.
The other thing i like about the device is i can definitely tell the difference with all three settings in both Constant output mode and TC mode and found i preferred the highest setting with the 0.7ohm coil and mid setting when using the 1.2ohm coil.
The only cons i have is not for the device or performance of the coils but are all to do with the cartridge. The cartridge is just too darkly tinted, yes i can see my juice level but it's a struggle, also although i was personally fine as i have suitable bottles if any cartridge/pod or tank have such small fill ports then a fit for purpose bottle should be included, finally i also prefer the option of using my own drip tips although the one installed is comfortable enough.
Battery life was also impressive and just kept going, when it did need charging the time it took was easily acceptable in my opinion for a 950mAh battery. I kept losing track when timing it but eventually on one charge checked at the hour mark and the LED was still pulsing Green, 15 minutes later i checked and i had a solid Green light so it takes between 1 to 1.25 hours to charge but doesn't support pass-through.



Excellent build quality
Plenty of colour options (Carbon Fiber and Resin)
Pocket friendly
Auto detects coil with TC wire and goes into TC mode
TC mode auto setup so user friendly just choose one of the 3 settings
3 Constant voltage settings when using non TC coil
Can definitely tell the difference between each setting
Setting LED indication
Battery status indication
Charging indication
Charges in just over 1 hour
Very good battery life
Replaceable coils
Adjustable airflow
MTL device
Good flavour both coils
Acceptable longevity (better than average)


Can't use own drip tip
Pods/Cartridges darkly tinted making juice level difficult to see
Very small fill ports (a bottle with suitable nozzle should of been included)
Doesn't support pass-through

I would once again like to thank Carrie from Geekvape for supplying the Frenzy Pod Kit 950mAh for the purpose of this review.

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