Fumytech Damnation RDA

Mar 19, 2019
Hi Vaping Annex members, In this review i take a look at the Damnation RDA from Fumytech. The Fumytech Damnation RDA was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.

Damnation RDA


Fumytech are a French vaping manufacturer that have an association with BD Vape a high end French mod manufacturer. Fumytech tend to release aesthetically eye catching products and the Damnation RDA certainly catches the eye. With a hand forged sleeve and some outstanding workmanship the quality of the damnation isn't in dispute but how does it actually perform as a working RDA? The Damnation has a 24mm base diameter and has a dual build deck comprising of velocity style negative posts and a central positive spring loaded clamp, let's have a look!


In The Box


1 x Fumytech Damnation RDA
●4 x Pre-made coils
●1 x Japanese organic cotton
●3 x Silicone rings
●1 x Screwdriver
●3 x Screws
●2 x Springs
●1 x Gift package



The Damnation RDA comes in decorative cardboard packaging and on opening i found i had received the Gold version, it's also available in Silver. Up top we have what is claimed to be a drip tip made from Jade and indeed on the Silver version the drip tip is a Green colour and from the pictures i see no reason to doubt it's Jade. The one installed on the Gold version is Brown in colour so not sure how this is Jade unless it can be coloured or given a Brown polished look anyway it certainly isn't a material i have had a drip tip made from before so it could well be Jade. The drip tip is very thick walled which narrows the bore down and is a goon style fit. The Sleeve is stunning and will draw the attention of most people, front and back we have a skull design and both sides crossed rifles, the finish is highly polished and it looks and feels of the highest quality, at the bottom of the sleeve we have dual cyclops for airflow adjustment. Moving to the bottom of the RDA we have branding and safety stamps, pre-installed is the only 510 pin provided which is a Gold plated BF pin but is said to only allow liquid one way so can also be used as a standard pin.


Damnation Specs and Features:

Size: 24x 32mm
Drip tip: 810 jade drip tip
Threading: 510 thread connection
Type: RDA BF
Mode vaping Direct to Lung (DTL)
Adjustable bottom airflow
Original design with manual carving
Dual post build deck with central positive clamp for dual coil building
Colour: Silver,Gold


The Damnation's Various Parts

The Damnation consists of a Goon style Jade 810 drip tip which doesn't have the widest bore due to being very thick walled, whether the Brown colour one i received is Jade or not it is a very nice drip tip and a cut above what you would usually receive with an atty. We then have the highly decorative hand forged sleeve with dual cyclops and finally we have the deck and base section which has a dual purpose? 510 pin installed. We also receive spare grub screws, a spare screw for the positive clamp section, spring, T-piece tool, o-rings, cotton and 4 coils which have no specs but are 3.0ID and appear to be fused claptons, both my builds came out at 0.19ohm.


The Airflow

The airflow is pretty standard bottom airflow, on the outer base we have dual slots to match the slots on the sleeve and the sleeve is just turned to adjust, there is no stopper or sleeve locking mechanism. The airflow slots are very low and the air goes in and hits a wall which forces the air upwards through the large airflow outlets on the deck positioned underneath your coils. The outlets are large so will give complete coverage to the bottom of the coils and it also promises quite a lot of air.


The Deck and Build

The deck has outer negative velocity style posts and a central positive spring loaded clamp which at it's base we have a ceramic block. The ceramic block has a hole either side to allow juice into the wells when squonking, when undoing the clamp we maintain side brackets so your coil leads won't come out while installing. I did two build using all the supplied coils and the first build i just positioned both coils into position before fixing in place and fastened both negative grub screws and positive screw down then snipped my leads. I found their was enough room to move my coils around with a coiling rod to get at the leads to cut and although not super easy i didn't find doing the build this way particularly difficult and is the pictured build which turned out fine. The second build i pre-cut my leads to 7ml and again positioned both coils before first tightening the negative leads and then screwing down the positive clamp, the coils need positioning above the airflow outlets. This second way made for a very easy build as once in position no cutting of the leads was necessary. I wicked with the cotton being quite tight through the coil and cut bow tie style, i combed out my cotton ends, fluffed them up then tucked them into the wells, all very easy!


Dual BF and Standard Pin

The Damnation comes pre-installed with a BF pin but is claimed using this pin you can also use it on a standard device as a dripper as it only allows juice one way and doesn't allow juice to leave the RDA. On studying the pin it is just hollow straight through so anything that makes the flow go just one way must be within the ceramic block which i couldn't remove. When i tried the RDA on a standard device their might well be something going on in the ceramic block as liquid didn't freely come through the pin but it doesn't successfully block all the flow as i did have liquid on top of the device's 510 so i would not recommend using the Damnation as a dripper.



As mentioned i wouldn't use this as a dripper because when i tested it some e-liquid did come through the pin. I love the looks of the RDA and build quality is outstanding, it also gives quite some cloud and while not outstanding it's far from flavourless and i found my caramel custard was pretty damn good using the Damnation, i would say it's average for the flavour it produces. The damnation gives quite a lot of air and although not very loud is far from quiet and does have a bit of turbulence. Despite all that air i found the quite narrow bore 810 worked well and is extremely comfortable when using as well as looking good. The Damnation is far from leakproof and you need to be very disciplined when squonking or else liquid will come straight through the airflow slots, also over time their was some leakage between the sleeve and deck despite it being double o-ringed although as it's hand forged others might not leak in this manner as my sleeve once lubricated isn't very tight.



Stunning looking (subjective)
Very high build quality
Hand forged
Plenty of spares including 4 coils.
Jade 810 Goon style drip tip
Use your own 810
Plenty of air
Average flavour for RDA (good compared to sub-ohm tanks etc)
Easy enough to build


Dual purpose BF pin i only recommend using as a BF pin
Bearing in mind above means a BF RDA only
If squonking over zealously liquid comes straight through airflow slots
I did have build up of liquid between sleeve and deck
Sleeve doesn't lock in place and no stopper
Slight airflow turbulence
Quite loud

I would once again thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the Fumytech Damnation RDA for the purpose of this review.

Damnation RDA

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