Durable bar mods

Jan 28, 2019
Just hit up the bars for the first time and set my free netflix voopoo drag with a bubble prince too close to the edge. it fell and the glass shattered and that was the end of my nicotine for the night. I've been trying to find a new more durable one that I can take to the bars. I'm thinking about getting netflix free trial a tube/pen whatever the name is so I could slip it into my pocket more easily. I've seen a upcoming movies titanium glass for smok but I'm only really a fan of the prince tank from them. What do yall use and do you have any suggestions. (mechs look sort of cool but IDK much about them other than they can explode)
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Jan 5, 2019
I wouldn't suggest a much myself, but honestly, what about a squonk mod? Would have all the convenience of a tank, but with a bottle instead. Since you aren't really a coil builder, you could get a Goat rda for it. You just buy pre-wired, pre-wicked coil heads to use with it. Also, can get Colton and rewick it when the cotton gets nasty. Easy to do and no more glass breaking.

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Sep 2, 2018
As for tank. I 5hink the mesh pro tank has a plastic tank
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