Do popcorn lungs occur with JUUL? [question from Quora]


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Jul 23, 2018
This question was asked in the Quora Digest, and I figured I'd post the answer here...

Well, I certainly am no doctor, but considering that on average, tobacco cigarette contains 750 times the amount of diacetyl found in e-liquid vapour, and that even the "worst" e-liquid recipes containing diacetyl (mostly "sweet" or "buttery" flavours) still had concentrations 85 times lower than those ordinarily found in tobacco smoke,

New Study Finds that Average Diacetyl Exposure from Vaping is 750 Times Lower than from Smoking

and also that the e-cig industry has been stopping using diacetyl on their formulations (not because it was an actual problem, but because it was a small, but avoidablerisk),

A new study verifies the lower risk-potential of e-cigarettes but identifies an avoidable risk

and especially considering that not even smoking was ever associated with popcorn lung, not even with concentrations of diacetyl 85-750 times higher than those that can be found in e-liquid vapour, then I would risk saying that it's highly improbable that the JUUL pods, or any other e-cigarette brand for that matter, would "cause popcorn lung".

We know since Paracelsus that "the dose makes the poison", and if diacetyl, as ordinarily found in smoking was an issue, we would have found out decades ago.

With vaping, with a much lower level of exposure? Hardly an issue. It's either that, or we have grossly misundertood biology, chemistry and toxicology to this day.

And this is what Public Health England, a governmental agency with public health under its care, has to say about diacetyl in e-cigarettes:


" Diacetyl has been detected in some EC flavourings, but at hundreds of times lower levels than observed in cigarette smoke (269). Given that even at these levels, smoking is not a major risk factor for this rare disease, the diacetyl content in EC flavourings is unlikely to pose much risk. In any case though, manufacturers are now avoiding flavourings that use this."​
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