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Well, porting from VTT was unsuccessful. Looks like we're starting new again. But that's okay - VTT had become dormant, and a fresh start was (is) needed. At any rate, this new forum is based on the newest version of Xenforo, and is being hosted on a brand new server. I've spent a crapload of money getting everything together for this new iteration, and now I need to spend a crapload of time to get it where it needs to be. I really wanted to get it ready before I closed the other board, but the transfer didn't go as expected (as you can tell), so here we are. So, this time around I'm accepting donations. There's still a lot of "behind the scenes" stuff that I need to do, and the cashflow is starting to run quite low. Once I figure out the new badge system, you'll have the "Donor" badge added to your profile. For larger donations, there will be a "Super Donor" (or something similar) added to your profile. Thanks! CrazyChef
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